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Feb 1

Jaquet Droz L’Heure Selenite

        Tracing its roots back to the 18th century Switzerland, Jaquet-Droz is one of the most prestigious watch-making brands in the world that carries on, over two centuries of tradition. The name of this brand will always remain carved the history of the Haute Horology as the master watchmaker that brought to life the fascinating mechanical dolls called automata in order to popularize its horological creations.

        Through the years the brand has always been fateful to its life-guiding principles and to the mission of cultivating the spirit of innovation, reform and excellence initiated by its maker, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a visionary spirit of the Enlightenment, who designed astonishing mechanical masterpieces of watch-making craftsmanship that fascinated European, Indian or Japanese kings, queens and emperors.

Jaquet Droz L’Heure Selenite Picture


        Time and again, Jaquet-Droz created sophisticated wristwatches for ladies defined by timeless beauty and unmatched refinement, which capture the extravagant charm of the feminine universe, and masterfully combine watch making complications with the delicate jeweler’s art becoming true masterpieces of horological art. The new addition of the brand’s iconic Hommage Paris 1785 Collection, Jaquet Droz L’Heure Selenite watch is a romantic interpretation of the charming star-studded summer night.

        The beautiful Jaquet Droz L’Heure Selenite watch was manufactured in a very exclusive edition of just nine timepieces, and it features a round satin-polished, 18-karat white gold case, measuring 39 mm in diameter. As for the dial, the watch reveals the full mastery of the jeweler, with a pave-set background of differently sized black diamonds interspersed with glittering white round brilliants that frames the “new moon” crescent-shaped manufactured from dainty mother of pearl. Moreover, the black off-centered onyx dial demonstrates elegant white gold hour and minute hands.

         At the heart of this sublime timepiece, beats the self-winding Jaquet Droz Calibre 2653 that confers the timepiece immaculate timekeeping accuracy.

        Crated to conquer the heart of a nowadays powerful yet romantic woman, the eye-catching Jaquet Droz L’Heure Selenite watch is a pure piece of fantasy attached to her delicate wrist. A masterpiece of horological art, this timepiece is maybe the perfect expression of elegance and luxury especially created for impassionate collectors in a limited edition of just nine timepieces available for a price tag that, for some, would probably also seem celestial.

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