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Jan 30

Jaquet Droz L’Heure Celeste for Ladies

     A watch-making brand that carries on more that two centuries of prestige and tradition, Jaquet-Droz emerged in the 18th century, in Switzerland; Ever since the brand remained fateful to its mission of cultivating the spirit of innovation, reform and excellence, initiated by its visionary creator, Pierre Jaquet-Droz. He was a visionary spirit of the Age of Enlightenment and created true masterpieces of watch-making mastery destined to serve kings, queens and emperors from all over the world.

     Among the most renowned members of today Haute Horology, this brand has a well-established reputation of creating artifacts of immeasurable value and timeless refinement and elegance that, time and again never fail to fascinate the watch-connoisseurs worldwide.

Jaquet Droz Watches for Ladies Picture


     Celebrating a fruitful intertwinement with the eternally fascinating feminine universe, the new exquisite addition to the brand’s iconic Hommage Paris 1785 Collection, the new Jaquet Droz L’Heure Celeste watch proves once more the mastery of the brand’s designers who have created a brand new sophisticated wristwatch for ladies, defined by powerful feminine exuberance.

     The remarkable Jaquet Droz L’Heure Celeste watch features an oversized case, measuring 41 mm in diameter, wonderfully sculpted from 18 karat either white or red gold that provides . Moreover, the watch features a magnificent dial, sculpted in gold that mimics, through satin polished gold and gem-set globular figures the planets and celestial bodies of a romantic night sky. The watch’s unique, highly curved sapphire crystal enhances the sophisticated three-dimensional aspect of the dial.

     A true masterpiece of watch-making mastery, the distinguished timepiece accommodates the high precision self-winding Jaquet Droz Calibre 2653 that oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour and due to a very innovative system of double spring barrels confers a generous power reserve of 68 hours. A transparent case-back reveals to a connoisseur’s inquiring eye a wonderfully decorated mechanism and the 22-karat gold winding mass of the movement. Jaquet Droz L’Heure Celeste watch was manufactured in a very exclusive edition of only 9 timepieces and comes coupled with an exquisite hand-finished alligator leather strap.

      Created for the most charismatic, sensuous and extravagant ladies of the 21st century, the new Jaquet Droz exquisite creation embodies the perfect visual expression of one of the most daring artistic ends- attaching to the delicate wrist of a woman the entire mystery of the universe, in order to emphasize her inner powerful mystery.

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