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May 3

Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire

       A prestigious Swiss watch-making powerhouse, often been associated with the pinnacle of Swiss Haute Horology, Jaeger LeCoultre, never ceased its quest of to self-overtaking and continual renewal, creating absolutely amazing wristwatches defined by timeless elegance and immaculate mechanical sophistication, highly appreciated by the watch connoisseurs worldwide.

       Recently, the brand enriched its Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre collection with another superb timepiece, the exquisite Quantieme Lunaire watch, a model that incorporates the revolutionary Dual-Wing-movement concept, for the very first time ever. A timepiece defined by supreme beauty and elegance the eye-catching Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Quantieme Lunaire watch ensures unmatched time-keeping accuracy and sublime functionality, summing the brand’s achievements in the exclusive world of the Haute Horology.


       The elegant timepiece features a sleek round case measuring 42 mm in diameter, with nice polished and brushed finish. Furthermore, it is available in either 18-karat pink or yellow gold, which makes a beautiful contrast against the silver manually grained dial, respectively against the eggshell dial. The stylish architecture of the case also incorporates the winding crown and push-pieces, as well as two anti-glare coated, sapphire crystals.

       The sophisticated Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire watch ensures supreme time-keeping accuracy, it features jumping seconds and it can track time intervals of down to a 1/6th of a second, moreover, the date and moon phase, are presented via an individual counter, which enhances the watch’s legibility. The timepiece features central second’s display, while the minutes and hours are presented via a counter located in the right side of the dial, meanwhile, the date and moon phase are presented via a counter located in the dial’s left side. The dial is completed by exquisite leaf-type hands, and a central baton seconds hand with a pear-shaped counterweight.


       The remarkable Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire watch incorporates the revolutionary Dual-Wing movement concept, which is powered by two independent supplies. The first power supply creates an immaculate timing foundation, and, it is regulated by the balance and escapement. Meanwhile the second supply animates the hours, minutes, seconds and the moon phase indicators, for both the Northern and Southern hemisphere. In this model, the brand created a fundamentally new type of movement, in order to provide the ultimate level of timekeeping accuracy.

       For impassionate watch-connoisseurs, it is surely worth mentioning that the watch’s sophisticated mechanism, the in-house mechanical hand-wound Calibre 381, demonstrates outstanding decoration and charming detailing, which enhance the classical sophistication of the watch, and confer it a special type of extravagance, which can be admired through the exhibition sapphire case-back. Furthermore, the mechanism incorporates, 369 individual parts, out of which 40 jewels and oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, and provides the advantage of a 50-hours power reserve.


       Available in two exquisite variations, the impressive Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre a Quantieme Lunaire watch withstands down to 50 meters, beneath the sea surface, and it will be matched with either a matt black alligator leather strap or a chocolate-brown strap manufactured from the same material. As for the price range, we have to say that the yellow gold variation, produced in a limited edition of 300 pieces, will approximately cost $35,100.00 and the unlimited pink gold version will be available for a price of $33,700.00.

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