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May 5

Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 566 Clock

       One of the most respected members of today’s Haute Horology, Jaeger LeCoultre is a Swiss watch-making brand that always strived reinvent itself and to raise, the known standards of quality and watch-making excellence, pushing further, with every timepiece, the limits of innovation and creativity.

       Through its centenary existence, the name Jaeger LeCoultre started to be synonymous, with exceptional mechanisms, over-the-edge sophisticated decoration, and unmatched creative passion, expressed in various timepieces defined by rare sensitivity and distinction.


       Recently, the famous watch-making powerhouse, represented by its CEO, Jerome Lambert announced, on 14th of April, the release of another superb horological creation signed by the audacious designer from Australia, Marc Newson– the amazing new Atmos 566.

       Recreating the legendary Atmos, on its 80th anniversary, two years ago, Newson accepted the challenge of bringing to life an up-dated version of the fascinating timepiece powered by the minuscule changes of temperature, from the air that surrounds the clock.


       The timepiece strikes the eye, through its clean, yet sophisticated appearance; it seems to be suspended in a bubble, crafted from Baccarat crystal and impresses through the purity of its design and highly modern aesthetics.

       A superb intertwinement between modern art, horological mastery and high-tech, the remarkable new Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 566 clock incorporates a revolutionary system that uses the slightest temperature change, to power the mechanism, and the clock is thus able to function with basically just air temperature, as long as it fluctuates with at least with 1 degree Celsius, every other day.


       Generously sixed, the timepiece was created in two variations, a translucent series, limited to only 48 pieces, and a blue variation, limited to 28 timepieces. It accurately displays hours, minutes and seconds as well as a beautiful night sky of the Northern hemisphere. Conceived as a Micro Cosmos, the superb Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 566 Clock also indicates the cardinal points and the signs of the zodiac, transporting the viewer’s mind into a timeless world of celestial reverie.

       Mysterious yet technically intriguing, the outstanding Jaeger-LeCoultre Atmos 566 Clock is the perfect choice for an enthusiast watch-collector keen on horological rarities, and will actually be available for a celestial price, expected to reach up to, and even go over $70,000.00.

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