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Sep 10

IWC Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound

        The Switzerland-based IWC Company continues to maintain the speedy pace with our modern times, without forgetting for a second, concepts such as tradition and simplicity. Although presenting modern timepieces with innovative designs, IWC also takes time to celebrate the old and the unsophisticated. The slogan “Extravagance in simplicity” best describes the new timepiece introduced to us by IWC, a vintage timepiece that manages to impress the IWC fans through its serious and elegant design lines – the new Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound.

        The Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound is available in a limited edition of 500 watches, for those made of platinum, while the other versions use a less expensive material, stainless steel. The watch is not only a tribute to old designs or to tradition, it’s also a tribute to complicated mechanical movements that have made of the watch manufacturing industry an art.

        The case of this Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound measures 46 mm and is covered with sapphire crystal on both sides. The dial features hour and minute indicators, plus a moon phase display at the 12 o’clock position. The seconds function can be located at the 6 o’clock position. Perfectly legible, the dial is either black or silver in color.

        The new Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound uses a mechanical pocket watch movement, Caliber 9521. This offers a 46 hours power reserve when the watch is completely wound. Another aspect generated by this movement would be the 3 bar water resistance. Although satisfying in terms of technical movement, this watch’s strong point is represented by its design.

        The design has a vintage theme, presenting a flat timepiece made of simple and structured lines. Being especially created for those who hate opulence and unnecessary decorations, this Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound goes perfectly on any style.

        The black alligator leather strap was chosen to offer unity and simplicity to this Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound. The vintage design is more and more embraced nowadays no matter the field of activity, in interior design, in fashion and now in watch designs. The designers from IWC knew this was from the start a successful creation, and the continuously increasing sells of this Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound don’t come as a shock for IWC, because it’s their job to meet the expectations of the watch-enthusiasts.

        Undoubtedly a hit in the world of watch manufacturing, the new Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound is a desirable wrist watch that has managed to cover past and contemporary trends. This successful combination between old and new, between simplicity and extravagance is what’s made of Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound a hit.

        A watch with attitude and character for the most original of us and a watch that has brought tradition in the spotlight again, the new Vintage Portofino Hand-Wound is the perfect wrist accessory.

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