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Mar 7

IWC Spitfire UTC Watch

        Headquartered in eastern Switzerland, IWC (International Watch Co) Schaffhausen is a well-known watch-making brand launched 1868. The father of the company was an enthusiast American entrepreneur, Florentine Ariosto Jones who combined his engineering knowledge with the watchmaker skill and who dedicated his entire life to creating remarkable timepieces characterized by unmatched precision and timeless beauty. His life-guiding philosophy has always been cherished by the IWC watchmakers who never ceased to create outstanding timepieces defined by powerful charismatic design and unmatched mechanical excellence.

        During the Second World War, IWC experienced a fruitful partnership with the British Army supplying the British Air Forces with extremely reliable watches especially designed for professional pilots characterized by extreme resistance to magnetic fields, pressure and water. In order to celebrate this successful intertwinement the brand released another remarkable model, the new IWC Spitfire UTC.

        A brand that usually outstands through originality, IWC created another UTC Watch; UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time, or the International Atomic Time that introduces leap seconds to compensate the difference between the real solar time, and GMT time, differences caused by the irregularities of the Earth’s orbit. In addition, the name Spitfire comes from the British Supermarine Spitfire fighter plane and the brand’s legendary 1936 IWC Spitfire Watch Line created for this plane.

        The timepiece features a round stainless steel case, measuring 39 mm in diameter, which makes a wonderful contrast with the watch’s silver dial and brown crocodile leather strap.

        The watch features an ingenious time display of the two time zones- the first one is displayed on the dial, meanwhile the second 24-hours time zone is displayed through a semicircular aperture between 5 and 7 o’clock. Moreover, the timepiece features a small date window located at 3 o’clock position.

         At the heart of the original IWC Spitfire UTC beats the high precision self-winding mechanical movement, the IWC Calibre 30710, which oscillates at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour conferring the advantage of a 42-hour power reserve. As a particularity of this movement, we have to mention that it features a protective soft iron case, which shields it from the influence of magnetic fields of up to 400 gauss.

        Created for a daring, self-assertive man of the 21st century, keen on travelling and on horological sophistication, the classy IWC Spitfire UTC confers the optimal level of timekeeping accuracy, functionality and long-term reliability, all for an approximate price of of $4,400.00.

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