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Sep 12

IWC Pilot’s Mens Watch

        A name hard to ignore nowadays in the watch manufacturing industry is that of IWC, a name that has gained its reputation over the years due to the high quality watches released on the market. Having as a main aspiration reaching the highest standards of both design and technical innovation, IWC has proven to be one of the most competitive players on the market, enjoying more than 140 years of history.

        What started as a small business back in 1868 has proven to become a company of huge success in our modern times. IWC bet on the supremacy of quality and good taste, values that have made of a small business something similar to an empire.

        The latest releases by IWC use a touchy, yet catchy theme. IWC presents on the market the Pilot’s Watches for Father and Son, two timepieces that celebrate the idea of unity and harmony between fathers and sons. Expressing tradition and family values, these watches have been enjoying a great deal of attention, being regarded as items which connect generations, as timepieces that pass the test of time.

        The watch for the father, Big Pilot’s Watch, is made of platinum, while the one for the son, Mark XVI, is made of stainless steel and represents the smaller version of the father’s. Some of the features displayed by the Big Pilot’s watch and by the Mark XVI watch are similar, and are mostly related to design. Both these watches use a rhodium-plated dial in a silvery shade, contrasting with the yellow Arabic numerals, guaranteeing the highest legibility. Also, the common by now sapphire crystal material is used for the case cover of both watches, while the brown alligator strap is also identical. Another aspect shared in common by these two watches it’s the water resistance that could reach 6-bar.

        The IWC Big Pilot’s watch dedicated to the father is made of a 46.2 mm in diameter case made, as mentioned before, of one of the most refined and expensive materials, platinum. Using a 51111 Caliber, the watch works on a mechanical movement fixed with an automatic Pellaton winding mechanism. This mechanism is activated through a 42 jewels system, which generates 21, 6000 vibrations per hour, with a 168 hours of power reserve. The indicator of the power reserve, measuring up until 7 days, can be found at the 3 o’clock position. The dial also features hour, minutes and seconds indicators and a date indicator located at the 6 o’clock position.

        The IWC Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI, especially created for the son is actually a bit smaller then the version for the father, its case measuring only 39 mm in diameter. The materials used for the cases differ, as this Pilot’s Watch Mark XVI is made of stainless steel and not platinum. The watch is also equipped with a 30110 caliber and uses an automatic winding movement. This watch is less powerful than the IWC Big Pilot’s watch, as it uses only 21 jewels. The power reserve of this watch is of 42 hours, less than the Big Pilot, but still impressive comparing to other watches.

        What better gift could you offer to your son or to your father other than these unique timepieces? Emphasizing on the idea of connection and bonding, these two watches are meant to be passed from generation to generation just as a ring is passed from mother to daughter or even from grandmother to niece.

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