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Jan 12

IWC Ingenieur Automatic Mission

        IWC Schaffhausen is a well known watch making company parented by the Richemont International SA which was created in 1868, by the American watchmaker and engineer, Florentine Ariosto Jones in the eastern Switzerland, in a region named Schaffhausen.

        During centenary existence, this watch-making brand preserved unaltered its life-guiding principles and always released amazing timepieces defined by timeless refinement and high-class distinction. And in order to celebrate a privileged partnership with the Adventure Ecology foundation, and its founder David de Rothschild, IWC Schaffhausen brought its valuable contribution to an inedited expedition.

        The crew of the Adventure Ecology’s Plastiki expedition was formed of creative personalities, scientists, sailors and adventurous spirits, they’ve embarked in San Francisco, on a journey across the Pacific Ocean, and they were bound to travel over 10,000 nautical miles up to Sidney in a one-of-a-kind boat – a 60-foot catamaran entirely built from plastic bottles and other recyclable waste. This bold expedition was intended to raise pubic awareness about Earths environmental problems such as the rubbish dumps in the oceans like the so-called The Great Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch. In order to mark this adventurous initiative, IWC Schaffhausen created a remarkable timepiece manufactured in a limited edition of 1000 watches: the “Adventure Ecology” edition of the Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth watch.

        Having a very resistant construction, the timepiece was design to embody the concept of sustainability. It features a powerful and masculine concave-shaped case which measures 46 mm in diameter and which was sculpted in stainless steel. Moreover the navy blue dial of the timepiece is highlighted with vibrant orange accents and it is shielded by a sapphire crystal which received on both sides anti-glare treatment for optimal time-legibility. A matching blue innovative ergonomic bracelet system majestically completes the timepiece.

         At the heart of this remarkable timepiece beats the COSC-certified in house, IWC-80110 caliber automatic movement a very sophisticated mechanism which rises at the highest criteria of quality, this movement also accommodates a Pellaton winding-mechanism and a high-performance shock-absorption system. The watch was also fitted with a soft iron inner case which provides an anti-magnetic protection of 80,000 A/m and it is also 120 meters water-proof.

         Created to withstand extreme environmental conditions, the new IWC Ingenieur Automatic Mission Earth Edition “Adventure Ecology” watch is an eye-catching horological item, defined by mechanical sophistication and pure sporty design it is a coveted collectable item which is available for $7,900.00.

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