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Jan 15

IWC Aquatimer Deep Two

        The powerful watch-making powerhouse IWC (International Watch Co) Schaffhausen, headquartered eastern Switzerland, in Schaffhausen, is a brand parented by the Richemont International SA which traces its roots back to 1868, when kit was founded by an enthusiast American watchmaker and engineer Florentine Ariosto Jones. Along a centenary history this renowned watchmaker stayed fateful to its life-guiding philosophy and principles and, never ceased to create amazing timepieces defined by timeless elegance and high-class sophistication and refinement.

        Through the years this brand experienced a fruitful intertwining with the exciting world of temerarious divers, who are bound to scatter the ocean’s depths in order to uncover its hidden mysteries, and for them IWC Schaffhausen brought to life another exquisite collection defined by immaculate functionality and bold design, in addition to the brand’s emblematic Aquatimer family of diver’s watches revealed for impassionate watch connoisseurs at SIHH 2009.

        The new IWC Aquatimer Deep Two watch is the largest member of the collection as it features a robust case manufactured from stainless steel, which measures 46-mm in diameter, moreover the sophisticated architecture of the case incorporates a mechanical depth gauge which ensures a 120 meters water resistance. The watch indicates both the actual dive depth but also the maximum depth the diver reached in previous dives.

        The timepiece features a sporty dial fitted with a semi-circular indicator that records diving depths of down to 50 meters, also the timepiece features an incorporated pressure-measurement system located by the second left-sided crown. The external pressure of the surrounding water acts upon a very sensitive membrane located inside the crown therefore forcing a pin towards the interior of the case, and activating a lever mechanism directly connected to the timepiece’s hands. The diver can follow the hand’s tips as they move over the scale of the indicator. The watch’s hands follow an innovative trajectory around the movement which eliminates the necessity that the arbors’ path transverses the mechanism.

        The timepiece features a black dial, fitted with a blue depth indicator which indicates the water depth by traversing a white semi-circular area, and the red maximum depth indicator always remains at the biggest diving depth, and in order to reset the indicator the watch’s owner has to press a button positioned under the depth-gauge sensor crown.

        The IWC Aquatimer Deep Two is an eye catching, highly functional diving-instrument that will surely be a thrill for amateur and professional divers, it comes matched with a stylish stainless steel bracelet or a more comfortable rubber dive strap, and moreover it comes for an approximate price tag of $15,900.00.

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