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Jan 9

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph

        IWC (International Watch Co) Schaffhausen is a prestigious Swiss watch making brand rooted in the second half of the 19th century, when it was created by a visionary entrepreneur, both engineer and watchmaker who initiated a long heirloom of master watchmakers dedicated to creating outstanding timepieces defined by immaculate precision and timeless refinement.

        This brand carries on the philosophy and life-guiding principles of that first skilled watchmaker, and in order to celebrate a fruitful partnership with the exciting world of temerarious divers, bound to discoverer the hidden mysteries of the ocean’s depths, IWC Schaffhausen released another remarkable addition to the Aquatimer family of diver’s watches, a brand new upgraded collection characterized by sporty charismatic design and mechanical excellence.

        First introduced at SIHH 2009, the models impressed watch-connoisseurs worldwide through the new surprising attributes that bring a plus to the emblematic reliability and top quality of the IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer Watch family. The new Aquatimer Chronograph is a magnificent member of the collection designed in two coloristic variations: the basic black and yellow, characteristic for the watch line and another unique combination of dark blue and coral red.


        The timepiece features a sturdy case, manufactured either from stainless steel or titanium, measuring 44 mm in diameter, which is pressure-tight up to 12 bars, and furthermore it can withstand down to 120 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, the robust construction of the case is furthermore completed by an innovative inner rotating bezel, and masterfully engineered chronograph mechanism that doesn’t require additional screws or pushers in order to be perfectly protected from water’s intrusion.

        Combining the stylish sportiness with the qualities of an outstanding diving instrument, the remarkable IWC Schaffhausen Aquatimer Chronograph is animated by an IWC optimized automatic-winding caliber 79320 which provides high efficiency and precision. The sophisticated chronograph ensures elapsed minutes and hours accurate measurements, displayed in a user-friendly interface. Also it is a great example of the IWC’s engineers’ skill and dedication, as it features a unidirectional internal rotating bezel that can perform two functions at the same time- recording elapsed dive times (when it is turned) and the traditional reset chronograph function ( when it is pushed). The timepiece also features a date display which can easily be adjusted.

        Surely an attractive timepiece, IWC Aquatimer Chronograph watch will be a thrill for the watch connoisseurs who share their passion for fine watches with the passion for diving; it is completed by a stylish bracelet manufactured from the same metal used for the case or a more comfortable diver’s rubber strap, and furthermore it is available for an approximate price of $8,300.00.

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