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Oct 29

WISeKey Digital Authenticity Certificate

       A relatively young watch-making brand, created during the second half of the 20th century, Hublot traces its roots to the Swiss town called Nyon, where, an enthusiast young designer Carlo Crocco, decided to try his luck in the elitist world of the luxury watchmaking industry.

       However, in a rather short period, he managed to transform Hublot into one of the most appreciated members of today Haute Horology due to an audacious original approach to the mechanisms and horological complications on one hand, and to the elements of design on the other.


       That is how, with every new model, Hublot started to be associated with revolutionary innovative thinking and vanguard design, and a true watch-connoisseur, will surely know that the brand was actually a pioneer when it comes to combining precious materials such as gold or diamonds, with a material initially used exclusively for sports models- the natural rubber.

       Recently, Hublot launched a revolutionary concept, in partnership with a 2010 World Economic Forum (WEF) Global Growth Company – WISeKey, a unique signature system that is a breakthrough in the global fight against counterfeiting.


       Therefore, since 2010, some of the most appreciated watch lines of the brand, Hublot Classic Fusion, Hublot Big Bang and King Power, will be accompanied by WISeAuthentc® a cutting-edge authenticity-certification technology, which will allow the brand’s authorized retailers, to monitor the sales and, and, for the customer, will greatly reduce the risk of buying a fake.

       In principle, the WISeKey technology assigns a unique electronic signature SmartCard that allows the buyer to access at any given time, the brand’s official website and to verify the authenticity of his timepiece.

       The use of this revolutionary system is actually the answer to a global concern, pointed out by the WISeKey’s CEO, Carlos Moreira, who said that  “This is a major issue debated between WEF Global Growth Companies here in Tianjin, as counterfeiting represents five to seven percent of all world trade and is increasing daily.” “With luxury brand industries estimated at one trillion dollars (US), these companies need a reliable solution that will prove authenticity. We are pleased that WISeKey technology is now used in the fight against counterfeiting.”

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