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Dec 16

Hublot Red Devil Bang

        Launched in 1980’s in Nyon Switzerland, by a charismatic young entrepreneur Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a luxury watchmaker that always tried to preserve its daring personality and creative freedom, and always focused on introducing innovative new complications and limited editions which targeted a large audience. Nevertheless this brand will remain famous in the exclusivist world of Haute Horology as the first brand which blended the classy elegance of gold with the sporty youthful air of natural rubber therefore creating an original combination that remained ever since the iconic signature of the brand.

        Through the years Hublot experienced a profound connection with the dynamic world of sports, especially football, supporting the Swiss national team, as well as famous Mexican football clubs, and recently it became the official timekeeper of the prestigious Manchester United Club, releasing in order to celebrate this privileged partnership, a brand new model which retains the spirit of competition and emanates sportiness, powerful masculinity, embodying the brand’s philosophy and expertise the new Hublot Red Devil Bang watch.

        The timepiece features a sturdy masculine black case, manufactured from satin-polished ceramic that measures 44.5 mm in diameter, and is furthermore fitted with a matching black bezel personalized with 6 H-shaped signature screws of the Big Bang watch Line. Moreover the timepiece’s case is 100-meters watertight and, the design is completed by a comfortable black rubber strap.

        Red Devil Bang features contrasting bezel lugs manufactured from a red composite resin, which echo the vivid red of the dial’s moniker of “Red Devil,” –the emblem of the football club as well as the red hour markers, or second’s hand. The black matt dial features a chronograph counter located at 9 o’clock position that tracks the elapsed time of a match’s half. At 6 o’clock the timepiece features a small rectangular date display. The black dial of the timepiece features red appliquéd hour markers, black hour and minute hands that have been coated with a vivid yellow luminescent substance in order to provide the ultimate time legibility in low light conditions.

        At the heart of this remarkable timepiece beats the high-performance HUB45 caliber, a self-winding mechanical movement which comprises 252 components and provides 42-hours power reserve.

        Coming to celebrate Manchester Club’s 130th anniversary, this charismatic wristwatch has been manufactured in a limited edition of only 500 timepieces, which come for a price of $14,900.00, and the watch-making brand will donate a percentage of the sales profit to the football club’s foundation that tries to help young people to participate in sportive activities.

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