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Oct 24

Hublot Bullet Bang Watch in Cermet

        Launched in 1980’s, by a Swiss enthusiast watchmaker, Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a relatively young newcomer in the luxury watch-making industry which experienced, in less than 30 years of existence, a spectacular growth due to its audacious innovations and revolutionary free-thinking. But, above all, Hublot will forever remain embedded in the history of Haute Horology as the first watchmaker in the world, which blended the classy elegance of gold with the sporty youthful air of natural rubber, an inconceivable union which individualized Hublot and placed it among the most renowned members of today exclusivist watch-making industry. And, although Hublot always focused on preserving its daring personality and creative freedom, it always tried to introduce innovative new complications and limited editions which targeted a large audience.

        To Hublot, natural rubber ceased to be simple material, it has crossed beyond the boundaries of the ephemeral fashion phenomena; its use became rather the embodiment of the brand’s philosophy, as well as its iconic signature which can be found in all the intricate creations of the brand.

        Nevertheless we shouldn’t forget that Hublot has built its well-grounded reputation for creating astounding vibrant models manufactured from rare materials, and by surprising its clients with unique combinations of textures and shades, rewriting, day after day the rules of watch-making-design. Among the most powerful timepieces, created by this brand we have to mention Hublot Bullet Bang in Cermet, a model which uses a highly-resistant rare composite material which retains the qualities of its component ceramic and metal (either bronze or tungsten) and, asides from conferring extreme sturdiness it also brings to the timepiece a natural earthly hue.


        In Hublot Bullet Bang, the brand’s designers used Cermet for the robust masculine case as well as for the bezel which held down by 6 H-shaped Hublot iconic titanium screws. The Cermet gold-like shade of the case makes a subtle contrast with the dark titanium screws as well as with the matte-finished black dial, which highlights the satin-polished Arabic numeral and appliqué indexes made of Cermet as well as the hour markers and hour hands. This sober timepiece features three chronograph sub-dials and also a date aperture located at 4.30, and is completed by a smooth black rubber strap.

        A limited edition of 500 timepieces, Hublot Bullet Bang in Cermet is animated by the Mechanical column-wheel chronograph with automatic winding, Hublot caliber HUB44 RAC; it can provide a 42-hour power reserve and withstand 100 m beneath the sea surface, is surely a coveted collectable item for Hublot impassionate fans who won’t be intimidated by a price tag starting from $25,000.00.

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