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Dec 28

Hublot Bruno Senna

        Created in the 1980’s, by a charismatic entrepreneur, Carlo Crocco, Hublot is a creative young watch-making brand that established a well grounded position among the Swiss luxury watch-making powerhouses, and up to this day, the brand remains carved in the history of today’s Haute Horology as the first luxury watch-maker that blended the classy elegance of gold with the sporty youthful air of natural rubber, an inconceivable combination which individualized Hublot and placed it among the most renowned watchmakers of the world.

        Headquartered in Nyon, Switzerland, Hublot always focused on preserving its audacious personality and creative freedom, and always tried to introduce innovative new complications and limited editions which targeted a large audience, and up to this day, for this brand rubber crosses beyond the boundaries of a simple fashion phenomenon; the use of this material became rather the embodiment of the brand’s philosophy, as well as its iconic signature.


        Through the years, Hublot designed countless sporty timepieces inspired by the dynamic world of football, nautical sports or by the exhilarating universe of the racing circuits. In order to mark a profound connection with this latest, the brand appointed Bruno Senna, a talented Formula 1 pilot, to be its official ambassador in 2010.

        A member of the Spanish Campos Meta team, internationally known for conquering the GP2 circuits in 2008, and for being the nephew of the notorious Ayrton Senna, Bruno Senna begun its privileged partnership with the prestigious watch-making brand two years ago, when Ayrton Senna Institute headed by the sportsman’s mother, Viviane Senna initiated a close connection based on friendship and shared values with Hublot.


        The renowned watchmaker and the gifted pilot both share the same youthful enthusiasm, ambition and the constant desire to strive, to accomplish audacious goals, and as a brand’s spokesman, Bruno Senna is a man who embodies powerful standards of excellence, and stands for the values cherished by Hublot strongly connected with a glorious past but constantly reminding the brand’s customers about a promising future paved with many victories.

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