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Dec 25

Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere Automatic

        Harry Winston is a luxury goods manufacturer, mostly known for creating extraordinary jewelry, and, among the highly exclusivist watch-making powerhouses, it is the renowned brand that pushes one step further the intimate connection the jeweler’s art and fine watch-making, always managing to outstand by releasing rare masterpieces of craftsmanship, which mirror an unmatched creative passion for exceptional, uncompromising luxury.

        Nevertheless, Harry Winston excels not only through glamorous, gem-set exquisite horological creations characterized mainly through unmatched exterior beauty, recently the skilled engineering team of the brand was awarded the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in the Technical Watch Category for a very sophisticated timepiece- the new Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere.

        Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon Automatic Watch is a technological breakthrough which introduces a highly innovative way of winding an automatic movement, based basically on linear rather instead of circular motion.

        Drawing its technological inspiration from steam engines’ sliding pistons this astounding Harry Winston Glissiere Watch features, positioned on one dial side, two platinum carriages, which are guided by two paired rails placed at the gear trains’ side. The brand’s monogram is engraved on a bridge and the skeleton dial reveals the beautiful flying tourbillon. The eye-catching architecture of the movement was design to remind of the wheals and rods of a steam train’s locomotive. The intricate design of the dial also features a power-reserve indicator animated by a transmission system incorporated into a carriage which slides along a watch-side.

        The Caliber CC-CHW97A movement features an unconventional winding-system of the timepiece is defined by immaculate winding ability; it needs 4 hours to completely arm the barrel spring and ensures an amazing 120-hours power reserve. Moreover, the watch’s case back reveals another technological breakthrough, responsible for time setting and winding.

         Glissiere tourbillon Automatic Watch features a rectangular, slightly oversized case, measuring 49 mm x 47 mm, which demonstrates impressive lateral openings placed in the case’s upper and lower parts, a real thrill for an enthusiast watch connoisseur who can see the movement from a unique angle.

        The new Harry Winston Glissiere tourbillon Automatic Watch, is an exquisite display of watch-making craftsmanship, manufactured in a very exclusive line comprising 25 timepieces manufactured from white and 25 from pink gold which come for an approximate price of $324,500.00, and also another unique variation of the timepiece that features 216 brilliant-cut and 180 baguette-cut diamonds.

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