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Oct 15

Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold

       Harry Winston manages to maintain its status as a manufacturer of luxury watches at a high level of accuracy and sophistication and tries to be just as successful as the brand is in the field of jewelry. Making its first public appearance as a jewelry manufacturing brand, Harry Winston concentrated later on the manufacturing of watches as well, conserving the air of sophistication and glamour specific for the brand in all the new watch collections. Although obsessed with style and extravagance, the Harry Winston brand produces watches of the most reliable accuracy, being considered more like devices, rather than wrist accessories.

       The famous Harry Winston Ocean Collection features watches that have impressed even those watch connoisseurs that ask only the best in watch manufacturing and have rigorous standards when it comes to technical performance and visionary design. One watch that would fit these requirements would be the new Harry Winston Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold Watch, a timepiece whose sporty and interesting design equals its amazing technical performance. Designed specifically for divers, the new watch presented by Harry Winston assures the brand’s loyal customers of the unrestrained dedication towards technical performance embraced by the brand and consolidates Harry Winston’s good intentions on the market of watch manufacturing.


       Harry Winston is the proud manufacturer of an uncommon material used in the watch manufacturing industry, Zalium, based on a combination between aluminum and zirconium. This material is extremely easy to shape and although it has such an amazing capacity of being easily remodeled, the material is quite resistant and durable in time. The new Harry Winston Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold Watch makes use of such product and it offers to the watch connoisseurs worldwide a peek at what the industry of watch manufacturing could look like in a couple of years.

       Based on an advanced technology, the mechanism activating the functions on the new Harry Winston Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold Watch is automatic, providing 200 meters of water resistance, functions of hours, minutes and seconds, a chronograph function and also a date function. The Zalium and white gold manufactured case assures perfect reliability and guarantees the amazing water resistance of 200 m, making it the most suitable diving instrument that a diver could ask for.

       The design is sporty and is based on combinations of colors, such as silver for the case, black for the dial and red detailing to express the functions clearly. The contrasting colors offer a nice and sporty appearance, matching perfectly the masculine bracelet, crafted from the same material as the case.

       The Harry Winston Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold Watch brings the power back to divers and offers a clear vision on the proficient timepieces offered by the watch manufacturing brand of Harry Winston.

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