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Jan 7

Harry Winston Opus 8

        Harry Winston, also known as the master jeweler-watchmaker of today’s Haute Horology carries on a long tradition of commitment to the highest aesthetical ideals, struggling to redefine both the concepts of watch and jewelry, therefore creating a hybrid object of unmatched luxury, elegance and beauty.

        Nevertheless, this brand always surprised through the contemporary, fashionable approach to watch-making and by introducing remarkable wristwatches characterized by a powerful individuality such as their new Harry Winston Opus 8, a mechanical timepiece with digital time-display, a sporty wristwatch which merges the retro-style of a vintage TV-set, with a highly innovative and modern time-display.


        An eye-catching timepiece, the new Harry Winston Opus 8, features an unforeseen digital hours and vertical minutes display. Animated by a sophisticated mechanism comprised of 437 individual parts the watch features one-of-a-kind minute-display, which can be read up to the nearest five minutes animated by a pegged disc which raises segments that furthermore form the digital pattern.

        The three-dimensional hour display is triggered only by pushing a bolt positioned at the right side of the timepiece’s case and its design is reminiscent of the aspect of an early LED display, if the bolt is pressed down, an intricate system of mechanical pixels create a digital time-display of the hours and AM/PM function, also the minutes are indicated by rising 5 markers placed on a vertical scale.

         This exceptional timepiece features an innovative case-back that reveals another ingenious feature – in the form of a printed circuit it creatively displays power reserve, and AM/PM indicator.

        A very creative wristwatch, designed for a modern gentleman, keen both on high-tech sophisticated mechanical masterpieces and on eye-catching original design, the new Harry Winston Opus 8 watch represents a bold manifestation of contemporary horological art and it was manufactures in a very exclusive edition of only 50 collectable items, sold for an approximate price of $350,000.00.

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