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Oct 27

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon

       Harry Winston makes watches of undeniable technical performance, while maintaining that distinctive look of glamour and distinctiveness specific to the early years of the brand. Starting as a jewelry producer, Harry Winston is famous worldwide for the necklaces adorned with diamonds, engagement rings, earrings and other valuable items of classy jewelry known internationally as symbols of wealth and taste for extravagance. Although specialized in jewelry items, the brand has taken over with daring courage another field of activity as well; that of watch manufacturing.

       Over the years, Harry Winston has been producing amazing watches included in the Harry Winston Avenue Collection, Haute Horology Collection, Premier Collection, Talk to Me Harry Winston Collection, or the Ocean Collection. The collections of watches introduced by Harry Winston on the market are numerous and each of them is focused on approaching one theme; either it’s about elegance, sports, or passion for Haute Horology, Harry Winston has shown that it is a powerful competitive brand for big names such as Audemars Piguet or Longines. The Ocean Collection by Harry Winston features an extremely progressive timepiece that is at the same time elegant and modern called the new Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon.


       The case of the new Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon measures some 44 mm in diameter and it is constructed by blending ideas of high-tech design with subtle lines that hint to a certain air of subtle sophistication. The choice for the material doesn’t come as a surprise as we’re used with only the best of materials when it comes to Harry Winston products, so the case of the watch is crafted from white gold. The dial of the watch is interestingly designed to catch the eye immediately through the segregation of the main functions. We have the functions of hours and minutes presented on an upper sub-dial that makes use of blue hour markers and white gold hands and we have a lower sub-dial that presents the small seconds and the tourbillon cage. The famous “cote de geneve” symbol is also present on the dial, assuring the customers of the genuine value of such impressive timepiece.


       The automatic movement equipped with a tourbillon guarantees the perfect accuracy of the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon’s functions and states one more time Harry Winston’s genuine passion for the watch manufacturing mechanisms. The watches introduced by this brand make use of just the best techniques, the most innovative elements of technical performance and the most visionary functions one can think of in a watch.


       The sophisticated Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon Watch comes accompanied by a refined black leather strap that offers that classy appearance so liked by our contemporary watch enthusiasts. Modern and casual, the new Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon Watch is the perfect wrist accessory for those who are into elegance and chic.

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