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Nov 16

Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase

       Harry Winston continues to enrich the world of watch manufacturing through its unique approaches to design and visionary technical elements that come to strengthen Harry Winston’s position as a quality-oriented watch manufacturing brand. With loads of collections introduced so far, Harry Winston declares war to kitsch and fake with the exquisite items of Haute Horology presented on the market, each of them being an instant hit when released. One of the most exquisite watches by Harry Winston goes by the name of Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch, an interesting model that has taken over the hearts of many women worldwide.

       Passionate for extravagance and femininity, Harry Winston tries to combine the idea that a watch is both a wrist accessory and an instrument and that with a bit of intelligence and talent they can merge together in exquisite items of Haute Horology. The new Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch measures 36 mm in diameter, being a watch designed for the ladies’ delight, not only through its size, but also through the materials used, this watch being available on white or rose gold. What truly impressed the women at this new model released by Harry Winston is that the watch comes adorned with diamonds on the dial, bezel and lugs. The bezel makes use of some 57 brilliant diamonds, while its dial is adorned with the shocking number of 195 sparkling diamonds, so you can only imagine the value of such extravagant timepiece.


       The dial displays functions of hours and minutes and it also presents a date function, just above 6 o’clock. Beautifully adorned, the dial of the new Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch is extremely legible and quite subtle, given the supposed extravagance of the diamond adornments. Unique and powerful, this is definitely a timepiece for the powerful, over-confident women, who knows how to appreciate an extra-touch of glamour.

       With an impeccable design, the mechanism of the new Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch is not as progressive as we’re used to see in most of Harry Winston’s watches, this one making use of a Quartz movement that assures the reliability of the functions displayed on the dial. The Quartz movement is projected to be offer absolute accuracy and reliability to the owner.

       When it comes to the choice of the strap, the new Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch crafted from white gold comes accompanied by a white strap, while the other version, featuring rose gold, makes use of a black strap that assures a better color contrast. No matter the version, the new Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch definitely represents a step ahead towards trends, fashion and elegance.

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