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Jul 16

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time

        Watches are always something you can treasure. And when you are searching for high end watches, Harry Winston is a name to be reckoned with. The legendary jeweler has created many timeless pieces of jewelry that have graced the necks and ears of Hollywood stars. But recently, the company decided to stray into the world of time pieces and it’s still managed to do a spanking good job with its innovative designs and limited edition pieces.

        The company has acquired a manufacturing facility in Switzerland and the local technicians have ensured that Swiss timekeeping has been incorporated into the design. As the company primarily designed for women, the women’s’ range of designer watches sold out as soon as it went on sale. And the same can be safely said for all the men’s designs that are slowly emerging from the Harry Winston design stable. One really innovative piece that’s caught nearly everyone’s attention is the Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time and its innovative features.

        What the Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time offer?
        The Ocean Dual Time is a nifty little thing that makes nearly everyone sit up and take notice. And the main features that make it so attractive are-
        • The design of the watch is purely functional with esthetics thrown in to make it more palatable.
        • The watch was specifically designed for people on the move and that means you can adjust time zones on it. The watch has two different time zones that can be easily set into the watch when required.
        • The bezel is made of rose gold and it gives the watch a chic yet functional look that ensures that the wearer can wear it on evening wear. The size is an even 44 mm which is considered the norm now for men’s watches. It has a satin finish bezel, and crown guards which resemble the trademark design of the Harry Winston stores.
        • Several users have said that the watch is mainly made for use by men, but the designs are so ergonomic that it can be used by both sexes with great advantage. And of course, the watch did win an award for being the next functional watch for men.
        • The dial shows a multi level face with two dials for the two time zones with easy to read date displays. The movement functions at 28,800 vibrations per hour and has a 45 hour reserve.
        • The strap is a nifty little red leather version that you can switch for metal if you like.

        What is the expected price of Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time?
        For any Harry Winston watch you can expect to pay big bucks and that’s the same for this model too. The watch does not its prices stated on the market or any site for sale so you might have to contact the website directly but its only safe to say that Harry Winston watches go for the higher end of the market. Prices may go as high as $5000- $12000 per watch. A must-have and not-to-be missed model if you have the money!

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