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Jul 17

Harry Winston Avenue Square

        The name Harry Winston is synonymous with luxury and diamonds. Starlets and Hollywood celebrities parade on red carpets while wearing his trademark diamond jewelry, earning and watches. And of course, every piece is chic, timeless and elegant beyond compare. Of course, the prices are comparable too but according to me it’s well worth it for a heritage piece that will probably be with you forever without any need for repair. Initially, the company only created one-of-a-kind jewelry but now they’ve started creating really great watches for men and women too. And the most talked about watch ranges at present from the Harry Winston stable is the Avenue Square Range.

        The design innovations!
        The company initially branched out into creating a watch line for women called the Avenue Square line. After seeing the soaring popularity of the watches, the design company designed to go ahead with a men’s version of the same line. And of course, they were an instant success! The Harry Winston Avenue Square incorporates functionality with presence and chic and it’s turned out to be the premier piece seen on wrists of the rich and famous. A few unique technical points of the watches are-

• A combination of functionality with style that very few other watches can offer.
• The watch has a GMT indicator that can be set with extra time to indicate time in each time zone.
• The watch also has a separate vertical date indicator.
• The design of the watch is pleasing with a square appearance with antireflective crystal on the face and on both sides
• The movement is self winding with double quartz movements and the casing size is a pretty small 36.3 x37.5. That does tell you that the watch is roughly square in size with about 4.80 carats of diamonds embedded in the casing.
• The watch has several intrinsic features like a double movement that ensures proper functioning at all times.
• The dials are black and made of natural mother of pearl. Indexes are white gold and with 0.26 of paved diamonds on the dial.
• You can choose from several colors like white and black but with a white gold casing. The strap is luxurious and made of satin or you can choose alligator leather.

        What its worth and who’s wearing it?
        When you realize that the total carat weight of the watch is about 10.21 with a total of 60 baguette cut diamonds, then it does make you stop and think. But Harry Winston is a brand and he knows it. That means you are getting quality for your money. At present, the company is preparing only 25 limited edition pieces for sale so you might have to scramble to pick up one. The cost has been estimated to be about $5000- $9000 and that’s a conservative estimate. At present, this might be the most coveted watch in the Harry Winston Catalogue but with several more models in the pipeline; you can afford to wait and watch. You might have to contact a shop for price on request.

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