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Nov 16

Harry Winston Ocean Lady Moon Phase

       One of the most exquisite watches by Harry Winston is the new Ocean Lady Moon Phase Watch, an interesting model that has taken over the hearts of many women worldwide. Unique and powerful, this is definitely a timepiece for the powerful, over-confident women, who knows how to appreciate an extra-touch of glamour. Continue reading

  Oct 27

Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon

       The automatic movement equipped with a tourbillon guarantees the perfect accuracy of the Harry Winston Ocean Tourbillon’s functions and states one more time Harry Winston’s genuine passion for the watch manufacturing mechanisms. The watches introduced by this brand make use of just the best techniques. Continue reading

  Oct 15

Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold

       The new Harry Winston Ocean Diver in Zalium and White Gold Watch is timepiece whose sporty and interesting design equals its amazing technical performance. Designed specifically for divers, the new watch presented by Harry Winston assures the brand’s loyal customers of the unrestrained dedication towards technical performance. Continue reading

  Jan 7

Harry Winston Opus 8

        An eye-catching timepiece, the new Harry Winston Opus 8, features an unforeseen digital hours and vertical minutes display. Animated by a sophisticated mechanism comprised of 437 individual parts the watch features one-of-a-kind minute-display, which can be.. Continue reading

  Dec 25

Harry Winston Tourbillon Glissiere Automatic

        Harry Winston Glissiere Tourbillon Automatic Watch is a technological breakthrough which introduces a highly innovative way of winding an automatic movement, based basically on linear rather instead of circular motion. The new Harry Winston Glissiere tourbillon Automatic Watch, is an exquisite display .. Continue reading

  Dec 13

Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry

        A mind-numbing fashionable accessory, the new Harry Winston Duchesse Jewelry Watch was completely covered in the fascinating diamond-glow; its delicate platinum case features a diamond-set bezel, adorned with 114 Trapeze baguette-cut diamonds, moreover 81 round-cut diamonds embellish the watch’s dial meanwhile the … Continue reading

  Dec 11

Harry Winston Project Z5 Tourbillon

        Designed for the adventurous and sophisticated men of the 21st century, Harry Winston Project Z5 was designed to satisfy their need to travel and their passion for high quality timepieces of unmatched functionality and sublime aesthetics. A robust timepiece, characterized by powerful masculinity, the new… Continue reading

  Jul 17

Harry Winston Avenue Square

                The company initially branched out into creating a watch line for women called the Avenue Square line. After seeing the soaring popularity of the watches, the design company designed to go ahead with a men’s version of the same line. Continue reading

  Jul 16

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time

        Watches are always something you can treasure. And when you are searching for high end watches, Harry Winston is a name to be reckoned with. The legendary jeweler has created many timeless pieces of jewelry that have graced the necks and ears of Hollywood stars. Continue reading

  Jul 13

Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane

        The Harry Winston Diamond Embellished Diane watch was inspired by the Greek goddess Diana the god of the hunt. At present the company will be preparing only about 20 pieces for sale to their valued customers and that means these are going to be collectors pieces unless you have the clout to buy one immediately. Continue reading





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