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Sep 11

Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz

        The Hamilton American brand of watches doesn’t stop on amazing its fans with its creations that have reached the highest level of technical expertise and the highest standards of innovative design. This time, Hamilton introduces us with the new ODC X-02 Quarts, a timepiece whose popularity is daily reinforced by the number of publications and opinions in favor of this uniquely designed watch.

        The design concept of this new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz follows some previous attempts of creating this exquisite timepiece. Two limited editions, one in 2001 called A Space Odyssey and one in 2006, bearing the name of ODC X-01 have help the designers from Hamilton to perfect this new model Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz.

        The latest release by the Hamilton Lab’s, the ODC X-02 Quartz, has managed to stir the world of watch manufacturing, as the watch displays an incredibly nonconformist look, a real breakthrough in terms of design. Its futuristic design approach is reflected in the shape of the case, modeled on the aircraft wing’s cross-section. The watch features three time zones and each dial displays a different time-location. The time on these three dials is set through a valve-like pusher positioned at the top of each dial, offering lightness of movement to whoever is stetting it.

        This highly professional timepiece is made of titanium and its three dials are all black, matching the dark material used for the case. The additional attachments are obviously made of black rubber to synchronize with the whole design. Also, the new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz watch is equipped with a quartz movement X 3 E01-001, offering a 50 m water resistance.

        The three sections displaying the three different time-zones are each covered with sapphire crystal, covering even the pusher that assures the time setting on each section. Creating a watch with two time-zones has become more and more popular, but a watch with three time-zones displayed in three different sections, that’s something to applaud about. A breakthrough in the world of watch manufacturing, the new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz is amongst the pioneers of the market for its exclusively futuristic design and its amazing functionality.

        Available in two versions, the new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz watch is made either of plain titanium, or black titanium with PVD treatment. The strap is identical to each version, being made of black rubber and enclosed with a folding metal buckle.

        Considering its unique design, the designers from Hamilton have decided to limit this edition to 1000 pieces. But the new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz watch is already in high demand and who knows; maybe the edition will be extended to satisfy the needs of the most loyal customers. The price for such timepiece varies, one of the set prices being approximately of 1, 750 US dollars.

        As a member of the Swatch Group, Hamilton was established in 1892 in Pennsylvania, USA, and ever since its foundation, this brand has never broken its commitment towards quality and innovation.

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