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May 30

Hamilton Maestro Conservation GMT H77565833

       Hamilton Watch Company was initially created as a pocket-watch manufacturer, but soon grew into one of the most prestigious American watch-making powerhouses, which traces its roots back to 1890’s, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

       Now, a respected member of the Swatch Group International, Hamilton is still associated with the words watches of Railroad accuracy as well as with its historical connection with the exciting world of American cinema. The timepieces created by this brand, defined by an unmistakable American style, appeared on the screens with legends like Elvis Presley, or in legendary productions like Independence Day, Lethal Weapon 4, Men in Black, You’ve Got Mail etc.

       Currently Hamilton is proud to present one of its latest additions to the Khaki Collection, the eye-catching Hamilton Maestro Conservation H77565833 GMT Watch, a bold masculine wristwatch, which combines retro minimalist design with impeccable functionality and reliability, and at the same time marks, the brand’s privileged partnership with Harrison Ford.


       The watch features a robust stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter, which reveals a nice brushed finish, and provides a good 200-meters water resistance, which makes the timepiece appropriate for swimming and amateur diving. Furthermore, the powerful construction of the case incorporates three crowns- one placed at 2 o’clock for time setting and winding, one, at 4 o’clock for the internal rotating bezel, while the crown positioned on the left side at 8 o’clock, helps the watch’s owner to select one of the 8 featured cities.

       The timepiece features a stylish black dial, completed by luminescent, khaki Arabic numeral hour markers and hour and minutes stylized hands. The watch is equipped with two internal rotating bezels, which display the second time zone’s relevant city as well as 12-hour and 30-minutes functions. Moreover, the timepiece also displays date, through a small aperture located at 3 o’clock.

       The remarkable Hamilton Maestro Conservation H77565833 GMT Watch beats a high-precision automatic movement, the 22 jewels, ETA 2893 Caliber that can be admired through an exhibition case-back.

       Especially designed to provide a plus of individuality to a casual outfit the timepiece is moreover, secured to the wrist with sporty beige nubuk leather strap and it will be available for an approximate price tag around $1,290.00.

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