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Oct 24

Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump

        Rooted in the 1892’s Lancaster Pennsylvania, USA, Hamilton Watch Company started with designing pocket-watches and rapidly gained the reputation of creating “Watches of Railroad Accuracy”. Throughout the years, this brand built a well grounded reputation of reliability and precision, highly innovative design and unmatched American style, American patriotism, bold innovation, and Hollywood bounded sophistication.

         Hamilton is a brand associated with names of celebrities as Elvis Presley but also for being the preferred watch-making brand casted in iconic movies as Men in Black, Lethal Weapon 4, Fight Club, Independence Day, The Talented Mr. Ripley or You’ve Got Mail as stylists and designers always relied on Hamilton to provide eye-catching, original shapes and bold design concepts which individualized a large area of complex characters.

        Creating highly innovative timepieces renowned for their impeccable precision and quality, Hamilton also developed close connections with the adrenalin-inflicting world of extreme sports, and in order to celebrate this fruitful intertwining, once again, Hamilton brings a brand new stylish wristwatch both fashionable and robust, built to withstand the challenges of BASE jumping.


        The new Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump line, features two exquisite interesting models which accommodate the well known immaculate Swiss high-precision in their movements- Khaki BASE Jump Automatic and the Khaki BASE Jump Auto Chrono- 2824 ETA-movement respectively 7750 movement.

         Both models are individualized by a highly masculine, oversized case which inspires power and audacity; measuring 50 mm in diameter, it is crafted either from stainless steel or titanium and it features black or bronze PVD coating, being able to withstand 100 meters under the sea surface.

        The timepieces were designed to provide the ultimate level of comfort under extreme conditions: they both feature easy-grip finish on the outer edge of the bezel as well as a well protected crown positioned originally on the left-hand side. The chronograph activation or bi-directional count-down functions are activated through the rotating bezel.

        Both models feature matching, highly legible black/bronze dials adorned with ‘Clous de Paris’ motif, also they are protected by a scratch-proof sapphire crystal, and they are completed either by a sporty natural black rubber strap or by a more elegant brown leather strap. Both stylish and highly functional, these timepieces are the perfect accessory for an adventurous escapade and come with a price range between $1,195.00 up to $1,945.00 for the chronograph.

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