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Sep 13

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic

        Although based in the United States of America, Hamilton is one of the brands that can easily compete with any Swiss watch manufacturing brand, because we are all aware of the fact that the concept of excellence has no nationality. The status of the Hamilton brand is undoubtedly recognized worldwide, as the watch company is a full member of the Swatch Group, the chief timepiece manufacturer and distributor in the world. As if this Swatch Group membership wasn’t enough, Hamilton displays as a proof of its success the timepieces that speak for themselves through their elegance, functionality and technical innovation.

        The new timepiece presented by Hamilton is a watch of a breathtaking simplicity and elegance. Called Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic, this watch displays a classic design realized in smooth and structured lines. Just as its name implies, the watch is very slim hinting to qualities such as comfort and flexibility. Its delicate case and the whole simple and clean design make you think about the watches from the 1950’s adding a touch of vintage to the design theme.
The case of this Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic measures either 40 mm in diameter or 43 mm, and shelters an automatic, self winding movement. Made of stainless steel, the case matches perfectly the strap chosen to give unity to the whole design.

        The self-winding movement shows that Hamilton is not only preoccupied with achieving interesting and appealing designs, but also with providing its customers with the best of the technical requirements. Hamilton aligns its manufacturing techniques with the latest Swiss movements and technologies in order to produce timepieces of indisputable quality and value. With a history of 117 years in watch manufacturing, Hamilton can declare itself a winner in a world of continuous competition.

        The case of the watch covers a very simple dial, silvered in appearance. The dial of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic watch is equipped with the hour, minute and second functions, and is decorated with an Arabic numeral 12. Under the 12 o’clock position we can see the inscription Hamilton Automatic, while in the opposite direction, at the 6 o’clock position we can see a date window display. In its most basic sense, this Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic represents a tribute to simplicity and refinement.

        American at its core, it doesn’t come as a surprise Hamilton’s implication in Hollywood movies. Hamilton’s presence in Hollywood movies has been noticed over the years, as many actors starring in huge movie productions or even in independent movies worn what people refer to sometimes as a “watch of railroad accuracy”, a Hamilton. Actors such as Alec Baldwin, Chris Rock or even Meg Ryan are just some of the proud promoters of this powerful watch brand.

        Displaying a clean and simple look, but one that offers distinction, the new Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic is the perfect watch for those who think that “less is more” and declare themselves against opulence or unnecessary decorative elements. The price of this Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic watch ranges from 695$ to 795$.

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