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Oct 21

Hamilton and Riva Collection

        One of the top yachts producers, Riva, has agreed on signing a partnership with the prestigious American brand of watches Hamilton with the declared objective of creating a unique watch collection bearing the name of “Riva timed by Hamilton”. By uniting their powers, the two brands expect to gain even greater international notoriety and so, to promote better the new products produced by associating concepts specific to both brands.

        The new “Riva timed by Hamilton” Collection will not stray from the core values of the two brands, which are: impeccable quality, prestige, tradition and ambitious designs. This watch collection will aim at creating models of complete novelty, but still maintaining some retro features which are appealing to every modern model. Being considered a worldwide symbol of quality, Hamilton has associated its name with one of the most appreciated yacht manufacturers to create something of similar international accreditation. The new timepieces will celebrate, at the same time, nostalgia and modernity, design and functionality and simplicity and luxury.

        The watches included in this new “Riva timed by Hamilton” Collection will be dedicated to men and women, and will display elegant and sophisticated designs to match with the affordable luxury of any person possessing a yacht. The watches created will impress through their appealing design and the high-performance.

        Other than the passion for luxury, you might ask yourselves what have these two brands in common. For starters, both brands are pioneers in their field of activity by creating daring designs for watches and yachts, and secondly they share in common their Hollywood appearances, which were numerous. Their continuous relationships with the world of cinema have propelled them into the public attention, nowadays their reputation being indisputable.

        By uniting America with Europe, yachts with watches and tradition with innovation, these two brands try to create a singular model of quality and good taste, a model to be appreciated by all races and tastes. With a history of more than a century, both these brands have enjoyed years of technical expertise and years of continuous production of exquisite items, dedicating their energy and know-how to satisfying the demands of their worldwide clients.

        The watches by Hamilton and the yachts by Riva are developed by paying meticulous attention to the smallest details regarding design and by using the best elements regarding technical innovation. By creating pieces of indisputable precision and remarkable looks, Riva and Hamilton can declare themselves proud of their path to success, to innovation and artistry.

        The Hamilton and Riva cinema appearances have started in the 1950’s and have been continuing ever since. Some of the artists who have associated their names with the Hamilton brand of watches are Tom Hanks, Ben Affleck or even Jessica Alba, while names such as Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon or Tony Curtis have starred in movies featuring Riva yachts.

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