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Nov 1

Fashion tips for wearing off-the-shoulder dresses

When it comes to fashion, it is sufficient to say that it has changed a lot in the past hundred years, but it is also true that some styles or some clothing items have remained untouched by these changes and … Continue reading

  Mar 8

Hamilton Khaki Pioneer H60455593

     A minimalist model, the new Hamilton Khaki Pioneer H60455593 Watch features a sturdy round stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter and 12 mm in thickness, which incorporates a fluted crown a scratch-proof sapphire crystal and a coin-edge bezel and which provides …. Continue reading

  Mar 4

Hamilton Men’s Khaki Field Auto GMT H70555533

       A sporty timepiece, bound to bring a plus of style and individuality to any outfit, the new Hamilton Khaki Field GMT Auto H70555533 Watch demonstrates a sober black dial, nicely completed with white Arabic numeral hour markers and sward-shaped hour indices, fitted with central….. Continue reading

  Feb 28

Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT H77545735

      Not long ago, the brand released another remarkable addition to the iconic Hamilton Khaki Navy Watch Collection, the stylish Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT Automatic H77545735 Mens Watch, a daring, masculine timepiece bound to bring a plus of style to any modern outfit,
Continue reading

  Feb 25

Hamilton Khaki Navy Belowzero 1000 M H78515333

      Recently, the brand presented another remarkable addition to its iconic Hamilton Khaki Navy Watch Collection, the sophisticated Hamilton Khaki Navy below Zero 1000M H78515333 Watch an outstanding diver’s model, especially created for professional divers, who dare to go down to 1000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface. Continue reading

  Jun 12

Hamilton Ventura H24615331 XXL

       In 2010, Hamilton brought a new superb addition to its iconic Ventura Collection, the eye-catching Ventura H24615331 Elvis Anniversary XXL an anniversary timepiece, created in order to mark, what would have been the 75th birthday of Elvis Presley, one of the best-known cultural icons of our times. Continue reading

  May 30

Hamilton Maestro Conservation GMT H77565833

       Currently Hamilton is proud to present one of its latest additions to the Khaki Collection, the eye-catching Hamilton Maestro Conservation H77565833 GMT Watch, a bold masculine wristwatch, which combines retro minimalist design with impeccable functionality and reliability. Continue reading

  May 27

Hamilton Khaki Team Earth Auto H60455533

       Recently the brand introduced another superb addition to its iconic Khaki Collection the eye-catching Hamilton Khaki Team Earth Auto H60455533 Watch, a sporty charismatic timepiece that marks the brand’s association with Harrison Ford and the Team Earth organization. Continue reading

  May 23

Hamilton Khaki Chrono H76516533

       Recently the brand introduced another superb timepiece, the new Hamilton Khaki Chrono Auto Mens Watch H76516533 a bold wristwatch, created to meet the needs of a 21st century dynamic man. The watch features a robust stainless steel case, measuring 44 mm in diameter. Continue reading

  May 17

Hamilton Khaki X-Copter H76646533

       Once again, the brand created another superb sporty timepiece, defined by powerful robustness and virile masculinity, the amazing new Hamilton Khaki X-Copter H76646533 Watch a beautiful chronograph model, which provides a wide range of functions among them Cardinal points, Celsius/Fahrenheit converter, Maximum take-off weight, day etc Continue reading

  Oct 24

Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump

        The new Hamilton Khaki BASE Jump line, features two exquisite interesting models which accommodate the well known immaculate Swiss high-precision in their movements- Khaki BASE Jump Automatic and the Khaki BASE Jump Auto Chrono- 2824 ETA-movement respectively 7750 movement.
Continue reading

  Oct 21

Hamilton and Riva Collection

         The new “Riva timed by Hamilton” Collection will not stray from the core values of the two brands, which are: impeccable quality, prestige, tradition and ambitious designs. This watch collection will aim at creating models of complete novelty, but still maintaining some retro features which are appealing to every modern model. Continue reading

  Sep 13

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic

        Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic displays a classic design realized in smooth and structured lines. Just as its name implies, the watch is very slim hinting to qualities such as comfort and flexibility. Its delicate case and the whole simple and clean design make you think about the watches from the 1950’s adding a touch of vintage to the design theme. Continue reading

  Sep 11

Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz

        The design concept of this new Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz follows some previous attempts of creating this exquisite timepiece. Two limited editions, one in 2001 called A Space Odyssey and one in 2006, bearing the name of ODC X-01 have help the designers from Hamilton to perfect this new model Hamilton ODC X-02 Quartz. Continue reading

  Sep 9

Hamilton Aviation Khaki X-Mach

]         Hamilton Aviation X-Mach is equipped with certain features especially created for pilots, displaying indispensable piloting instruments. Every detail about this watch has been meticulously analyzed before actually being included in the design of the watch and as we can all see the result was brilliant. The new Hamilton Aviation X-Mach can measure the Mach number of an aircraft by … Continue reading





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