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Dec 10

Graham Tourbillograph Woodcote

        A prestigious British watch-making powerhouse “made by Swiss”, as its official web site states, Graham traces its roots back to the 18th century, when it was created by a leading member of the Royal Society, George Graham, an inventor, geographer, and, also best known as the “father of the chronograph”.

        Although through the centuries, Graham acquired its international prestige for creating exquisite timepieces, defined by an, both aesthetically and functionally, innovative nature, Graham never ceased to amaze their enthusiast customers through creating original timepieces remarkable through their vanguard design and mechanical sophistication, and the brand’s new exquisite Tourbillograph Woodcote practically reinvents the classical tourbillon complication.

        This revolutionary wristwatch is presented in a powerfully masculine oversized case, measuring 46 mm in diameter, and is available in two attractive versions either in polished 18 karat red gold either in a more sophisticated combination of black-PVD carbide, 18 karat red gold and stainless steel, both variations being fitted with a sporty hot-forged carbon fiber bezel. Also the robust case architecture incorporates oversized gold push-buttons located at 2, respectively 4 o’clock. The timepiece also features a transparent case-back secured with 6 screws, and can withstand up to 50 meters underwater.


        The sporty look is furthermore enhanced with a black galvanic dial which uses carbon fiber intricate motifs for the 30-minutes and 12-hours counters, positioned at 3 o’clock, respectively at 6 o’clock location. The dial was manufactured with two variations, both fitted with 18 karat red gold appliquéd hour indices, one of them also featuring a red gold outer dial ring fitted with minute indexes. The minutes and hours hands feature luminescent coating for optimal time legibility in poor light conditions; also the sweep seconds and chronograph’s hands are manufactured from red gold and, have a luminescent coated tip extended with a vivid red pointer, the same color as the 12 hours and 30 minutes chronograph hands.

        This extraordinary timepiece is animated by the sophisticated Calibre G1780 movement, a wonderfully decorated genuine mechanical masterpiece which ensures immaculate chronograph functionality to the tourbillon complication, at the same time conferring a 42 hours power reserve.

        The Graham Tourbillograph Woodcote watch is furthermore secured to the wrist with a large scale crocodile leather strap, or an optional hypoallergenic black rubber strap, it is a charismatic contemporary timepiece manufactured in a limited edition of 100 timepieces (50 of each model) destined for a fashionable 21st century man, and it will be available for a pretty exclusive price.

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