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Dec 21

Graham Swordfish Ali Baba 1001 Nights

        Graham is a prestigious British watch-making powerhouse that traces its roots back to the 18th century, when it was created by a leading member of the British Royal Society, George Graham, an inventor, geographer, and, also best known as the “father of the chronograph”.

        During three centuries of existence, Graham acquired international acknowledgement and a well established place among the top watch-making powerhouses in the world, for creating, exquisite timepieces, defined by an innovative nature, from both aesthetical and functional points of view.

        A brand characterized by ardent creative passion, Graham kept alive, up to this day the fine horological watch-making traditions, and, for the enthusiast watch connoisseurs it became synonymous with amazing timepieces defined by original, vanguard design and outstanding mechanical purity.

        An outburst of fantasy and luxury, the highly exclusive, Graham Swordfish ‘Ali Baba – 1001 Nights’ brings to life one of the most colorful and fascinating stories of the old world, told by the beautiful Scheherazade, the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves inspired the skilled Graham designers to create a glamorous model, limited to only 40 timepieces.

        A mind-numbing appearance, the timepiece recalls the thieves’ treasure, uniting an astounding number of precious stones in a glittering symphony of colors: rubies, emeralds, diamonds and sapphires which glamorously shine against the delicate mother of pearl dial.

        The highly exclusive timepiece features small seconds chronograph function, and it is fitted with a curved sapphire crystal which enlarges the stop-watch counter’s dimension by 15%, and it comes fitted with an elegant white crocodile leather strap.

        The timepiece features precious stones stet case, bezel, portholes, lugs, push-buttons, crown, and hour indices, and the variously sized and cut stones weigh altogether 4.65 karats, and come accompanied by an origin certificate.

        This fascinating Graham Swordfish Ali Baba Wristwatch is furthermore, 100 meters waterproof and, all in all, it features: 61 Diamonds, 64 Emeralds, 42 Rubies, 57 blue, 48 yellow and 46 pink Sapphires complemented by a dazzling dash of 40 mandarin garnets, indeed a true rainbow of gemstones, no wonder it costs $75,000.00.

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