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Dec 27

Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Big Date

        Rooted in the 18th century, Graham is a British, “Swiss made” prestigious watch-making powerhouse, created by a leading member of the Royal Society, George Graham, an inventor, geographer and a brilliant watchmaker, best known as the “father of the chronograph”.

        Thorough the centuries, the brand became very popular among the fine watches connoisseurs due to creating astounding timepieces which follow the fine watch-making traditions and life-guiding principles, but at the same time have an innovative nature and a highly contemporary fashionable appearance.

        In order to please the vanguard-design enthusiasts, Graham introduced another original, timepiece defined by revolutionary mechanical purity, and aesthetical audacity, the Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Big Date, a powerful eye-catching timepiece which emanates strength and masculinity.


        The timepiece immediately impresses through its unique vanguard nature, as it features one-of-a-kind ‘left-hand drive’ controls, that comprises a uniquely designed reset push-button, and an impressive long ‘start and stop’ lever secured by 6-sided screws. The design of this model masterfully combines the sober black with the British Racing Green in order to achieve a charming attractive appearance. Designed for an active contemporary man, and maybe, a world traveler, the new Graham Chronofighter, is equipped with a highly legible GMT function, and provides the great advantage of a large double date aperture located at 12 o’clock position, along with the brand’s bi-compax chronograph functions.

        The new Graham Chronofighter Oversize GMT Big Date features an imposing oversized stainless steel case that incorporates a 9 mm dual-security crown along ergonomic lugs, also the vanguard complex architecture of the watch’s case also incorporates the left-hand trigger-lever coupled with a reset push-button manufactured from stainless steel or black PVD carbide enhancing thus the racing powerful aspect.

        Animated by the in-house automatic Caliber G 1733, the timepiece ensures co-axial chronograph function displayed through a central hand which indicates elapsed seconds, coupled with the minutes chronograph counter located at 9 o’clock, also, positioned at 3 o’clock, there is a second’s counter highlighted in green.

        On the scratch-proof outer bezel, a white additional hour hand indicates the time in the second time-zone, and the succession of green/black bezel areas indicates the day/night periods. Boldly designed, this remarkable timepiece comes coupled with a heavy-duty black rubber strap, for an approximate price of $ 9,300.00.

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