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Dec 7

Graham Chronofighter Gold-Titanium Goldfinger

        Rooted in the 18th century, Graham is a prestigious British watch-making powerhouse created by a leading member of the Royal Society, George Graham, an inventor, geographer, and, also best known as the “father of the chronograph”. Internationally renowned for creating, exquisite timepieces, defined by an innovative nature, from both aesthetical and functional points of view, Graham kept alive, up to this day the fine horological watch-making traditions, and, among the watch connoisseurs worldwide the brand is synonymous with original, vanguard design and mechanical purity.

        Another remarkable timepiece, defined by bold and charismatic appearance, the new Graham Chronofighter Oversize Gold and Titanium Goldfinger surprisingly combines the light, high-tech titanium and the precious classy gold creating wonderful contrasts between the titanium’s matte grey and gold’s red warmth.

graham-chronofighter-gold-titanium-watch-1 graham-chronofighter-gold-titanium-watch-4

        The vanguard timepiece, basically defined by powerful masculine lines, features an oversized sturdy case measuring 47 mm in diameter, which is majestically completed by the brand’s emblematic fast-action trigger device. The case-back is furthermore secured with 8 screws and boasts remarkable 100 meters water tightness; it is fitted with red gold Royal Marine coat of arms and the engraved serial number of the timepiece.

        The sporty black dial design of the model is completed by three chronograph counters, the hour and minute counters, accented in gold and black, and a sweep seconds chronograph counter in silver and black. The date display is made through a large aperture located at 9 o’clock position. The timepiece also features white hour markers with gold rim and luminescent coating as well as the central hours and minutes’ hands, the chronograph seconds hand is furthermore accented with a vibrant red tip.

        At the heart of the eye-catching Graham Chronofighter Oversize Gold and Titanium Goldfinger beats a tricompax chronograph automatic calibre G1735. On the left hand side, of the new Graham exquisite timepiece there is an innovative fast action trigger device and an oversized push button. Moreover the watch is secured to the wrist either with a classy large-scale alligator leather strap, or with a comfortable hypoallergenic rubber strap.

        Created for an adventurous, charismatic, 21st century man, this outstanding timepiece was manufactured in a limited edition of 300 timepieces available for an approximate price tag of $12,900.00.

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