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Sep 14

Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Tourbillon

        When we’re talking about watches there’s a name with resonance that comes into our minds, a particular brand that enjoys a great reputation in the world of watch manufacturing and that could teach us a lesson about the importance of tradition and quality as key factors for every successful brand or business. The name of the company that has dedicated more than 160 years to creating mechanical masterpieces is Glashutte.

        Glashutte is present worldwide through its points of sale and nowadays the company enjoys a great deal of attention, recognition and respect. Being one of the most exclusive brands, Glashutte is focused on not only creating time instruments, but on creating actual masterpieces of time by stretching the limits of the high art of watchmaking. By exploring exclusive combinations and various design elements, Glashutte has come up with one of the most original creations of our modern time, both in terms of design and technical innovation. By putting its power of innovation to test Glashutte has managed to create the Glashutte Original Sports Evolution collection, which a special focus on two timepieces of supreme reliability and accuracy, the Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph watch and the Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillion watch.

        The Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph watch displays a unique and sporty design and uses an automatic Caliber 39. Being designed as a sport watch, this Glashutte Original Sports Evolution Impact Chronograph is shock resistant and is perfectly fit to cope with the most extreme conditions. The case of the watch, which measures 46 mm in diameter, is made of stainless steel and it’s covered by sapphire crystal. The back of the watch uses the same material as the top and allows its owner to admire the movement details. The black dial of this watch is equipped with mounted numerals and has luminous hands and applications, while being accentuated by red contrasting elements. The strap comes in two versions; one of them has a metal bracelet, while the other uses a Trieste strap. Very professional and sporty in appearance, this new Glashutte Original Sports Evolution Impact Chronograph is a timeless watch and represents a tribute to good taste and functionality.

        With some slight differences from the previous mentioned watch, the Glashutte Sport Evolution Impact Tourbillon maintains the main features of the Sports Evolution collection. This watch is working by an automatic caliber 94, which assures an amazingly precise time display due to the Flying Tourbillon. With a robust design, the watch has enough space to display the date in a window located at the 12 o’clock position. The hours markers are silver polished and add a touch of extravagance to the sporty look of the watch. Also, the small seconds hand can be found on the touribillon’s cage. The strap can be either a Trieste strap, a stainless steel bracelet or, upon request, a rubber strap.

        Both these watches reflect the idea behind this collection’s concept, that of adventure. This collection is suitable for the people that hate being sedentary, who are continuously seeking for outdoors activities and for extreme sports. It doesn’t matter what you choose, either a Glashutte Original Sports Evolution Impact Chronograph or a Sports Evolution Impact Chronograph, you can’t go wrong.

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