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Dec 29

Glashütte Original Pocket No. 1

        Glashütte Original is a German watch-making powerhouse, internationally known for creating refined timepieces of immaculate functionality, exceptional aesthetics and unmatched quality which stand as the epitome of the Saxon rigorous watch-making art and mastery.

        The brand is also a prestigious member of the Swatch Group ever since the last decades of the 20th century, and it has always been fateful to its life-guiding principles, respecting and honoring the German watch-making traditions and values, it has always created amazing timepieces defined by mechanical sophistication and innovative design.

        In order to pay a great tribute to one of its watch-making pioneers, Julius Assmann, Glashütte Original created an amazing, extremely limited edition of 25 timepieces inspired by an historical masterpiece of horological craftsmanship, the new Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1, the 21st century reinterpretation of the distinguished pocket watch that features a sophisticated quarter-hour repetition mechanism.


        Rising to the highest standers of quality and reliability, Pocket Watch No. 1 is a fascinating timepiece characterized by unmatched refinement and timeless elegance that was manufactured from 18 karat rose gold, it features the remarkable quarter-hour repetition horological complication, which marks with a pleasant chime the quarters of hours and hours, first the mechanism indicates the number of the passed hours whit one distinctive tone, then, using another higher chime tone it indicates the number of elapsed quarter hours.

         In the elegant construction of the case, at 6 o’clock position it is incorporated a special lever that governs the repetition mechanism, the owner of the timepiece has to use to crown to wind the watch, meanwhile the time is set with the aid of the two-level yoke winding mechanism.


        The design of the watch is extremely classy; featuring white enamel dial majestically coupled with blued steel hands- a thin minute hand and the brand’s signature poire hour hand, and moreover the second’s hand from the small second’s counter located at 6 o’clock position. The classy sobriety of the dial is furthermore completed by the elegant black Roman numeral hour markers.

        At the heart of this timepiece beats the recently developed hand-wound caliber 84-01 that ensures the ultimate timekeeping accuracy as well as 36-hours of power reserve, and for the connoisseurs’ curious eyes it also displays, through a transparent case-back, beautifully hand-made decorations.

        Expected to be available in 2010, Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1 was designed for a nowadays nostalgic gentleman and it will be coupled with a delicate rose gold chain, as for the price we can only expect it to be really exclusivist.

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