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Sep 12

Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon

        Although Glashutte has assured itself one of the highest positions in the watch manufacturing industry, the brand continues to amaze through its unique collections of extraordinary watches, timepieces that have passed the strictest requirements of quality, design and technical innovation.

        As part of the brand’s luxurious Star Collection, the new Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon watch is an extravagant timepiece, of incredible beauty and elegance given not only by the gold material used, but also by the diamond embellishments, which represent the main focus of the watch. This highly feminine timepiece displays elements of sophistication and refinement, the black design hints towards the night, the stars and obviously, that romantic setting that every girl dreams about. This new Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon is especially created for the ladies, for those women who know how to appreciate style, glamour, and exquisite jewelry.

        The case of the watch is crafted from 18 carat white gold and it synchronizes perfectly with the solid gold material used for the dial. The dial is framed by a bezel adorned with 44 baguette-cut diamonds. Often called “a girl’s best friends”, the diamonds are used to create a unique design on the dial, a design that imitates a comet-like star. The contrast between the black dial and these diamond embellishments is quite strong and it adds a touch of radiance and elegance to the whole design of the watch. The diamonds are set manually by a master’s hand that chose to use one hundred twenty two white diamonds to complete the shinny design of this Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon.

        In terms of technical detailing, the new Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon is equipped with a flying tourbillon located at the 6 o’clock position and inside this tourbillon ticks an automatic Caliber 93-1, guaranteeing the highest precision and functionality. Another worth mentioning aspect is the panorama date presented in white numerals contrasting against the black dial. This watch meets the highest requirements of technical innovation, accuracy and style, because you can’t expect less from Glashutte Original.

        The Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon watch displays one of the most daring designs, a design aiming at meeting the expectation of the elite. The strap of the watch is made of black galuchat, a material which screams elegance and refinement. The diamond set buckle of the strap uses a white gold material and it matches perfectly with the look of the watch.

        The impressive in appearance Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon watch has enjoyed a great deal of attention amongst the watch connoisseurs and has even received an award as the “Best Lady’s Watch of 2008”, in Malaysia. With the release of this watch, Glashutte has once again been put in the spotlight for creating another breathtaking timepiece.

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