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Apr 12

Formal wedding attire: tips for the mom of the bride

The proudest and probably the most highly anticipated days in the life of a mother are those when her daughter gets married. In this very day, you will want to look your absolute best and let your daughter shine the brightest. Among all the planning and the shopping, the single and most important purchase that you are going to make is the dress for the big event. While there are virtually countless of stores that cater to wedding attire and carry formal dresses for the mother of the bride, it will take several trips to multiple locations before the right gown can be found. There are many aspects that you should take into account when shopping for the perfect dress.

Formal wedding attire tips for the mom of the bride

The standards of the wedding style and etiquette

The standards of the wedding style and etiquette demand that you be aware of the theme of the wedding and the standards of the fashion decorum. The standards of personal style and presentation are respect for self-expression, the rejection of unflattering ensembles, careful selection of accessories and distinction from the rest of the wedding party. Taking into consideration that every wedding has a color scheme as well as a tone, you should make sure to be within the standards of good taste, namely to adhere to the color scheme and the level of formality of the event.

What can the mother of the bride wear?

It is only natural to want to look good on the day that your daughter gets married. While all the eyes will be on the bride, they will be on you as well. At present, you are supposed to look steady and dignified. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should only wear beige. Fashionable and age-appropriate gowns are in. Traditional etiquette requires the bride to choose her dress first and inform you what she has chosen so that you can complement one another. Since you will look at the photos in years to come, you should opt for something current and more timeless. A good example of a timeless dress is the navy blue ensemble.

The tea length dress

A tea length wedding dress is a gown that falls between the knee and a couple of inches above the ankle, generally about mid-calf length. This gown represents a combination between a cocktail and fund length and it is perfect for a summer wedding, you can find a number of styles to flatter every body shape. Even if the attire shows off the legs, especially with heels, it is not inappropriate for a formal event.

Color restrictions

Even if you can break some rules, there are certain colors that you should never be caught wearing. The colors that you should avoid ta all costs includes white, ivory, as well as the champagne family. Another thing that it is not okay to wear is the black dress. Unless the bridesmaids are wearing this colors, you should avoid it as it suggests mourning. Red gowns are considered too flashy and represent a call for attention. To be on the safe side, consult with the bride before you go shopping. She may express some reservations about certain colors and may want your dress to coordinate with those of the bridesmaids.

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