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Apr 12

Formal wedding attire: tips for the mom of the bride

The proudest and probably the most highly anticipated days in the life of a mother are those when her daughter gets married. In this very day, you will want to look your absolute best and let your daughter shine the … Continue reading

  Nov 19

Glashütte PanoInverse XL Gents

       Recently Glashutte introduced another sophisticated horological creation, the amazing new addition to the brand’s iconic Pano Watch Collection, the sophisticated Glashutte PanoInverse XL Gents Watch available in three superb variations, performed in 18-karat white gold, yellow gold or stainless steel. Continue reading

  Nov 11

Glashütte Pano Tourbillon XL

       Recently the brand released another true masterpiece of contemporary Haute Horlogerie, which demonstrates the brand’s fine watch-making expertise and know-how, the sophisticated new addition to the iconic Glashütte Pano Watch Collection, the stylish Glashütte Pano Tourbillon XL Watch. Continue reading

  Nov 4

Glashütte Serenade Tourbillon Lady

       The latest addition of the sophisticated Glashütte Lady Watch Collection, the beautiful new Glashütte Serenade Tourbillon Lady Watch perfectly combines the watchmaker’s mastery with the fine art of the jeweler, in order to create the perfect expression of style and luxury. Continue reading

  Apr 7

Glashütte PanoMaticLunar XL Watch

       Recently the brand created another superb wristwatch for men, characterized by timeless elegance, the new Glashütte Original PanoMaticLunar XL will be launched at Baselworld 2010 and surely will conquer the hearts of the brand’s enthusiast fans through its distinguished classy looks, performed in eye-pleasing grey overtones. Continue reading

  Mar 26

Glashütte Original Senator Sixties Panorama Date

       In order to please its demanding clientele, the brand proudly released another outstanding addition to its legendary vintage-inspired, Glashütte Original Senator Sixties collection, the new elegant Glashütte Original Senator Sixties Panorama Date watch a remarkable timepiece, which .. Continue reading

  Jan 6

Glashütte Senator Sixties Square Chronograph

        The remarkable Glashütte Original Senator Sixties Square Chronograph features stalk-type chronograph pushers that are other retro details rooted in the design of the chronographs of the sixties. An inquiring eye can discover the wonderfully hand-adorned 39-34 caliber, self-winding .. Continue reading

  Dec 29

Glashütte Original Pocket No. 1

        Expected to be available in 2010, Glashütte Original Pocket Watch No. 1 was designed for a nowadays nostalgic gentleman and it will be coupled with a delicate rose gold chain.The design of the watch is extremely classy; featuring white enamel dial majestically coupled with blued steel hands- a thin minute hand and .. Continue reading

  Dec 19

Glashütte Original PanoMaticReserve XL

        Glashütte Original PanoMaticReserve XL watch is an outstanding timepiece bound to confer a special individuality to any outfit and to please the charismatic gentlemen of the 21st century.The remarkable timepiece successfully merges German watch-making skill and expertise with stylish innovative … Continue reading

  Dec 16

Glashütte Original Sport Evolution Perpetual Calendar

        The new Glashütte Original Sport Evolution Perpetual Calendar features a nicely brushed stainless steel case, measuring 42 mm in diameter which features distinguished contrasting polished elements in the lugs or other areas of the case. The watch also features a distinctive bezel fitted with world reference cities and… Continue reading

  Sep 14

Glashutte Original Sport Evolution Tourbillon

        The Sport Evolution Impact Chronograph watch displays a unique and sporty design and uses an automatic Caliber 39. Being designed as a sport watch, this Glashutte Original Sports Evolution Impact Chronograph is shock resistant and… Continue reading

  Sep 12

Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon

        As part of the brand’s luxurious Star Collection, the new Glashutte Original NightShade Tourbillon watch is an extravagant timepiece, of incredible beauty and elegance given not only by the gold material used… Continue reading

  Sep 10

Glashutte Original Lady Serenade

        Glashutte Original Lady Serenade Chronograph is the most appropriate wrist accessory for the most pretentious ladies out there. The case of the watch, measuring 38 mm in diameter, uses the same material as the bracelet, stainless steel. The curvy aspect of the case is very elegant and feminine… Continue reading

  Aug 31

Glashütte Senator Meissen Tourbillon

       This beautifully realized Glashutte Original Senator Meissen Tourbillon represents the core concept of Glashutte: holding on to the traditional values while adding new and modern touches. In the eyes of the connoisseurs this timepiece is already a collectible, as it uses first hand materials shaped by first hand professionals.
Continue reading





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