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Dec 11

Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Pro 1000 M

        Rooted in the 1791s Switzerland, Girard-Perregaux earned a well established place among the elite watch-making powerhouses of the world, due to carrying on an uninterrupted tradition of prestige and dedication to the fine art of creating watches of unmatched mechanical purity, sophistication and impeccable precision.

        Fateful to its own life-guiding principles directed toward uncompromising watch making creativity, mastership and mastery Girard-Perregaux always managed to preserve its never-fading cultural heritage and to create masterpieces of craftsmanship rooted in the past but always sophisticated and modern.

        Throughout the years the brand experienced a privileged connection with the exciting world of temerarious divers, bound to discover the hidden mysteries of the ocean’s depths and, in order to offer them the ultimate proof of ingenuity, free-thinking and originality, the watch manufacturer never ceased to take down challenges and fructify any opportunity of breaking the boundaries of engineering and design, and their new, Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Pro 1000 M, is maybe the best example of Girard-Perregaux’ watch-making craftsmanship.

        Impressive through a mind-numbing water-resistance of 1000 meters, the new Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Pro 1000 M successfully enlarges the watchmaker’s diving watches collection. The timepiece features a masculine, slightly oversized stainless steel case, measuring 44 mm in diameter coupled with a unidirectional rotating bezel equipped with a graduated ring manufactured from black rubber, which helps the diver keep an accurate track of the diving time.

        The timepiece features a sober black dial, which demonstrates sporty applied rings for the seconds counter and power reserve indicator. For optimal time legibility in poor light conditions, the timepiece features bold luminescent inserts on the hour hands and hour markers. Completed by a high-endurance sapphire crystal and screw-down crown the timepiece retains its immaculate precision up to 1000 meters beneath the sea surface.

        A timepiece created to meet the water-resistance demanding standards of ISO 6425, Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk Pro 1000 M watch accommodates the GP033RO self-winding manufacture movement, which ensures subsidiary seconds, date and power reserve indicator and, moreover the astounding timepiece comes coupled with a comfortable black rubber strap and a price tag of $4,995.00.

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