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Jul 14

Girad Perregaux Mens World Timer

       Girad Perregaux is a big name in the world of watches. The subtlety and the soberness of all watches from this Swiss firm have kept people enchanted for years together. How they manage to do it, is another question, but definitely Girad Perregaux has mastered all the nuances of luxury watch making, and has been turning out masterpieces after masterpieces since its inception in the year 1791. They turn out watches which are designed to last a life time, without compromising on the sheen and the beauty of the watch. Girad Perregaux is a well known name in the world of horology, and is a “true” manufacturer, meaning that all the movement mechanisms used in their watches are produced by them, rather than buying them from any other company. This is firm is within a selected set of those few companies that still have their research and development wing.

girad-perregaux-mens-world-timer-1        Take a look at the Girad Perregaux Men’s World Timer, and it will make your heart beat to its tunes. A watch of this quality is seldom produced, especially when designed to last a life time. This is the work of expert craftsmen, and only a few of them have the skill in their hands to still produce watches which are these fine. This exquisite time piece has not been designed to be flashy. Rather, the simplicity and the soberness which the design of this watch incorporates is what make it different among so many brands and their so many watches, and will definitely make heads turn. Watches echo the personality of their owners, and this one can be entrusted with the responsibility of showing the perfect gentleman and the most elegant businessman part of you.

      The watch does come with a hefty price tag of $19,900, but its features are worth much more. You will fall in love with this watch at the first sight. The Girad Perregaux Men’s World Timer is set in a titanium case, which is an impressive 43 mm across in diameter, and 13.4 mm in thickness. Elegance of the watch id redefined with the see-through crystal case back which is made of sapphire. The dial of the watch is fabricated from black carbon fiber, which is extremely light-weight. The hands of the watch are made of silver which has a very subtle shade, and the dial also features Arabic numerals. Both the hands and the numerals are luminous.

      The feature of the Girad Perregaux Men’s World Timer that is exclusive to it is, as the name suggests, simultaneous display of the local time, and the world time, in 24 time zones! This makes this watch a world traveler’s paradise. The date calendar is between the 1 and 2 o’clock numerals. The watch is a 63 jewel piece, with a self winding movement that is mechanical in nature. The watch is complete with chronograph functions, and is water resistant upto a depth of 30 meters.
This one is truly for the sober connoisseurs of watches, and may also be called as the perfect gift.

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