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Dec 4

Frederique Constant New Maxime Automatic

        A fairly young watchmaker, Frederique Constant, is a Geneva-based fine watch-making brand created in 1988, which experienced a spectacular development and growth, and, in just 20 years of existence acquired a well established place among the finest powerhouses of today’s Haute Horology.

        Internationally known for creating outstanding timepieces defined by immaculate quality and a sublime aesthetics, Frederique Constant always manufactured wristwatches synonymous with the ultimate symphony shapes, textures and hues, carefully combined to conquer the hearts of watch-connoisseurs worldwide, and to provide the ultimate expression of watch-making artisanship.

        Frederique Constant became, in 2004 a member of the most respected, top Swiss watch-making powerhouses that manufacture their movements entirely “in house”, and the success of their first exquisite, independent, watch line was a real breakthrough for the enthusiast watchmaker, rapidly followed by the countless proofs of watch-making mastery.

        Following the big market success of the Heart Beat Manufacture line, Frederique Constant brought to life another exquisite model defined by timeless elegance and unmatched precision, the new Maxime Manufacture Automatic watch.

        This outstanding new innovative model is animated by a high-performance in-house automatic FC-700 caliber, which makes an eloquent statement about the elevated standards of quality followed in the development and production of their timepieces which reunite both technical innovation and high-end detail touches which can be discovered by an inquiring eye through the transparent case-back.

        The watch’s design is rather minimalist, as the manufacturer desires to provide long term reliability rather than showing off ostentatious complications, the timepiece displays a classy sobriety, combining straight, elegant lines with the precious warmth of the irreproachably hand-polished rose gold surfaces of the 42mm round case.

        The apparently austere design of the white dial reveals, at a closer look delicate silver accents and an intricate guilloche pattern, the timepiece also features a date complication, 42 hours power reserve, and comes coupled with a stylish alligator strap, all for a fairly attractive price of $2,900.00.

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