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Dec 10

Frederique Constant Ladies Heart Beat

        Relatively a newcomer in the exclusive world of Haute Horology, created in 1988, the Geneva-based watch-making powerhouse Frederique Constant, experienced a spectacular development and acquired a well established international reputation of creating master timepieces defined by immaculate quality and distinguished appearance.

        The ultimate expression of watch-making artisanship, a Frederique Constant horological creation is defined by the harmonious fusion of shapes, textures and hues, carefully chosen to conquer the hearts of watch-connoisseurs worldwide, and above all, those of the sophisticated ladies who can appreciate fine horological art.

        In order to celebrate a very fruitful partnership with Shu Qi, a beautiful Taiwanese actress, and the brand’s Ambassador for the Ladies Lines in Greater China, which brought an extremely valuable contribution to the brand’s seals, Frederique Constant launched a new exquisite timepiece- Ladies Heart Beat Watch Collection, both an innovative and refined model which embodies the company’s visionary spirit.

        A powerful and charismatic lady, Shu Qi is far more than a simple advertising image; she is also the leader of the brand’s Chinese charitable campaign directed in close association with the Beijing Children’s Hospital along the Paint a Smile Foundation that, according to the brand’s policy will receive an amount of the profit obtained after the sell of each wristwatch sold in China.

        The activity of Paint a Smile Foundation can be summed by the effort of brightening the inhospitable environment of the medical institutions and bringing hope and relief to the suffering patients of hospitals. The brand’s cooperation with the Paint a Smile Foundation is actually its first project inside the Chinese boarders and with the winner of the Frederique Constant Passion Awards in 2008 in Geneva, the founder of this foundation, Mrs. Laura Cotton.

        Ladies Heart Beat Watch Collection comprises highly feminine timepieces, created for and by a sensible refined woman.

        Defined by a luxurious classy elegance, the sophisticated wristwatches, presented in a large variety of shades and precious materials are animated by the in-house FC-310 automatic caliber, a beautifully hand-adorned movement, which can be admired through a stylish aperture located at 12 o’clock position, all for an approximate price of $35,000.00.

Frederique Constant Ladies Heart Beat Watch – Shu Qi Pictures Gallery

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