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Sep 26

Franc Vila Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero

        Among the highly exclusivist watch-making brands of the world, Franc Vila always brought to light exceptional timepieces which intertwine tradition and contemporary style in order to please its very sophisticated customers. Their limited editions pay tribute to a life-guiding principle which states that: life’s special moments, and needs different and special products, and what better product, for the brand’s enthusiast fans than Franc Vila Skeleton Watch?

        FV N 6 Tourbillion Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept is a high-performance wonderful timepiece, first unveiled at Baselworld 2008, which astounds through the naked beauty of its mechanical intricacy revealed through a vanguard skeleton design.

        The one-of-a-kind movement is the very first one in the world manufactured from a low density, Lithium-based alloy, typically used in aeronautic engineering, the Lightnium which confers the model an extremely elevated shock resistance a sturdiness coupled with amazing lightweight.

        Breaking the traditional skeleton-watches archetypes, Franc Vila creates, in its FV N 6 Tourbillion Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept, a vanguard model, inspired by contemporary art, profoundly different from the classical chronographs, a timepiece which reveals a fascinating FV N 6 manual-winding, Mechanical movement, and an eye-catching skeleton-tourbillon complication. The entire design scheme bears the imprint of modern architecture, and, the hand-made/decorated movement was sublimed up to the level of true state of art. Due to its lightness and resistance, the model faces lower inertial forces, and, being equipped with barrel tourbillon and gear train it can provide impeccable performance.

        The aesthetically sublime tourbillon cage is manufactured from colored Lightnium and it can be admired through the sapphire crystal case-back, also Franc Vila’s engineering team managed to reveal a wonderful skeleton caliber that retains the unmistakable individuality of the emblematic ‘Esprit Unique’ shape. But the innovation continues in the variety of systems and functions- the flying tourbillon or the regulatory element equipped with ‘Inertial Moment Control System’ that enables the tourbillon to confer precise tourbillon regulation, also due to another innovative system, the watch confers fast planetary winding function which reduces by 2/3 the number of turns necessary to wind the watch.

        The model is fitted with a black titanium case which features the well known elliptical and circular ‘Esprit Unique’ shape – Franc Vila signature, for the bezel. The translucent dial features hour and minute indicators, as well as a power reserve counter located at 9 o’clock position.

        Indeed a fascinating timepiece, FV N 6 Tourbillion Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept is a model elevated up to the true horological state of art, and was designed in an ultra-exclusivist edition of only 8 timepieces.

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