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Aug 24

Franc Vila Superligero Tourbillon

        Franc Vila is a name with resonance in the world of watches and like all big names this name has built itself a reputation with a great deal of work, effort, talent and passion. All these values are mandatory to any powerful brand and behind all powerful brands there are people that simply love their profession and so the result of their work could never be less than perfect.

        The latest surprise prepared by Franc Vila was presented at Baselworld 2009 and it’s called the Franc Vila Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph watch. Always managing to impress, the wristwatches created by Frank Villa display a unique look with their fashionable and contemporary lines and with their complicated mechanisms. This Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph promises a strong and innovative technology as it uses materials such as Lightnium, an arid from aluminum-lithium normally used on aerospace programs and spaceship racquets. This very innovative approach only demonstrates Franc Vila’s commitment to improvement and breaking traditional frontiers. All the elements that make up this watch have been redesigned to shock through their innovative nature. Escaping tradition, all this elements make up an individual and emancipated design in a style totally specific to Franc Vila.

        If we were to choose one word to characterize this watch I think I would go for the word resistance. The materials used are of the highest quality and the strap is made of a special rubber material that is fire resistant and can not be affected by sun.

         This Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph uses an improved mechanical movement and the barrel and tourbillon ensure the high performance this watch has proven to possess. Another revolutionary material used in the creation of this watch is called grapheme and it’s impressive because this material is seven times less dense and its resistance increases from 10 to 100 times more than the traditional materials used in the watch-making industry. This recently discovered material is known for its ability to sustain its weight forever. By creating this Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph watch, Franc Vila has managed to bring nanotechnology in the world of Haute Horlogerie and this ingenious combination was of a huge success favoring both its customers and its craftsmen. Its unique design and its innovative and resistant mechanism have made of this Franc Vila Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph watch the most revolutionary timepiece of the year 2009.

        The designers from Franc Vila used rubber as an appropriate material for the strap, but we are talking about a special kind of rubber, one that resists fire and sun power. This sporty and resistant strap can be fitted on your wrist through a lever system and can be easily modified to fit each dimension. Another impressive aspect about this Franc Vila Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph is that it has a 120 hours power reserve.

        Available at a very high price, approximately 76000 euros, this watch will guarantee you a clean conscience when buying it, because it’s worth every penny. Just think for a second at the technology used, at the materials and design and you’ll have your answer whether to buy it or not.

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