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Apr 21

FV Evos N 1 Cobra Tourbillon Planetaire

       Known among the watch connoisseurs for its originality and dedication to creating genuine objects of horological art, Franc Vila recently enriched its “Cobra” collection with another exquisite timepiece, the stunning FV Evos N 1 “Cobra” Tourbillon Planetaire. Continue reading

  Dec 29

Franc Villa FV28 Ivy Edition

        Franc Vila introduced another horological creation, entirely dedicated to the sophisticated lady clientele passionate about complex horological accessories. Franc Villa launched the first members of the “Ivy Edition” dedicated to powerful charismatic women, two .. Continue reading

  Dec 21

Franc Vila 15 Column Regulator Automatic

        A remarkable addition to Franc Vila’s watch collection, the new, FVa 15 Column Regulator Automatic watch, astounds through the very modern approach to a classical complication, the hour regulator display.The model features the brand’s Esprit Unique double ellipse signature case, which.. Continue reading

  Sep 26

Franc Vila Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero

        FV N 6 Tourbillion Planetaire Skeleton SuperLigero Concept is a high-performance wonderful timepiece, first unveiled at Baselworld 2008, which astounds through the naked beauty of its mechanical intricacy revealed through a vanguard skeleton design. Continue reading

  Sep 21

Franc Vila Evos 8 Cobra

        As always, Franc Vila targets with its new FV Evos 8 Cobra Chronograph Large Date Automatic, a highly sophisticated clientele passionate about extreme sports and intricate horologic accessories.Franc Vila Evos 8 Cobra Chronograph Large Date Automatic enriches this collection with its powerful sporty silhouette. Continue reading

  Aug 24

Franc Vila Superligero Tourbillon

        By creating this Superligero Tourbillon Chronograph watch, Franc Vila has managed to bring nanotechnology in the world of Haute Horlogerie and this ingenious combination was of a huge success favoring both its customers and its craftsmen. Continue reading





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