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Apr 18

Feldo W1 Mens Watch

Although a relatively newcomer in the elitist world of today Haute Horology Feldo evolved, during a comparatively short existence, into a respected member of this competitive industry due to the elevated quality and audacious contemporary design of its models.

A German-Spanish brand, Feldo manufactures bold, modern timepieces, which accommodate top-class mechanical movements, manufactured Switzerland, and which never ceased to outstood the enthusiast watch connoisseurs through a powerful sense of originality and free-thinking, summed by the brand’s motto – Every product must have its own technical mark and it has to be easily recognized.

With this in mind, the brand’s designers and engineers always brought to life fresh, charismatic new models, which mingle utter luxury, class and a level of mechanical sophistication and meticulous finish, which makes Feldo Watches suitable to compete with the horological products created by established elites of the industry.


Not long ago, the brand enriched its Feldo Mens Watch Collection with another remarkable timepiece, especially designed to impress the self-assertive modern man of the 21st century – the stylish new Feldo W1 Mens Watch, a powerful sporty timepiece, which boasts class and dynamism.

The model features a sturdy black PVD-coated stainless steel case, measuring 45 mm in diameter, which demonstrates the brand’s signature case-shape, and which incorporates a scratch-resistant, double sapphire crystal, and a fluted crown and which confers the advantage of 50-meters water resistance.

The remarkable new Feldo W1 Mens Watch demonstrates a sporty modern black dial, remarkably highlighted with vibrant orange accents in the hands and the oversized Arabic numerals, which mark the minutes on the minute’s rotating disc, visible at 12 o’clock position. The model surprises through the overlapping of different materials, through the unusual manner in which the time is displayed and through the fresh, creative design of the hands.

At the heart of the superb new Feldo W1 Mens Watch beats a top-quality Miyota mechanical movement, which ensures impeccable timekeeping accuracy and reliability, and which provides central hours and seconds functions and minutes function presented through a rotating disc, located at 12 o’clock position.

A delightful model, suited to bring a plus of style and individuality to any outfit, the new Feldo W1 Mens Watch embraces the wrist with a stylish black leather strap, and will probably be available for an approximate price tag around $1,000.00.

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