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May 1

Feldo W2 Chronograph

Not long ago, the brand brought another sophisticated addition to its modern Feldo Watch Collection – an impressive new chronograph model, which emanates style and masculinity – Feldo W2 Chronograph Watch. Continue reading

  Apr 18

Feldo W1 Mens Watch

Not long ago, the brand enriched its Feldo Mens Watch Collection with another remarkable timepiece, especially designed to impress the self-assertive modern man of the 21st century – the stylish new Feldo W1 Mens Watch, a powerful sporty timepiece, which boasts class and dynamism. Continue reading

  Jul 28

Feldo Fashion V1 Collection

       Feldo prepares another brand new watch-line, inspired by the thrill of the modern urban life governed by fashionable trends, the stylish Feldo Fashion V1 Collection.The collection will probably feature a couple of variations, available in stainless steel, stainless steel with black PVD-coating, with steel and red gold inserts. Continue reading

  Jul 22

Feldo Classic Dual Carbon Fiber

       Indeed, all the brand’s models have an unmistakable charismatic look, characterized by fashionable elegance, luxury, and high-tech remarkable complexity, just like the members of the brand’s new Feldo Classic Line, and the timepiece that we are going to present to you below the stylish Feldo Classic Dual Carbon Luxury Watch. Continue reading





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