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May 6

Edox Class-1 Wave Rider Regulator Watch Line

Not long ago, the brand released another remarkable addition to its iconic Edox Class-1 Watch Collection, the stylish new Edox Rider Regulator Watch Line, which comprises three outstanding models, especially designed to please the daring self-assertive man of the 21st century, keen on style and adventure. Continue reading

  Apr 26

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Watch Line

Edox Class-1 Chronoffshore Watch Line comprises many spectacular models especially created to please the modern, audacious man, who shares his passion for high-end timepieces with another deep passion for adventure, and motor sports. Continue reading

  Nov 12

Edox Royal Lady Heartbreaker Love Edition

       A sophisticated new model, designed to capture the very mysteries of love and femininity, the remarkable Edox Royal Lady Heartbreaker Love Edition Watch emanates style and refinement, and demonstrates the seductive diamond-embellishment, which confers it a plus of luxurious appeal. Continue reading

  Nov 2

Edox Les Vauberts Open Heart Automatic

       Recently, the brand released another sophisticated watch-line, which comprises four sophisticated new models characterized by class and distinction, the stylish Les Vauberts Open Heart Automatic Watch Line that enriches Edox’s dressy Edox Style and Elegance Watch Collection. Continue reading

  Oct 23

Edox Les Vauberts Automatic Day Date

       The eye-catching classy Edox Les Vauberts Automatic Day Date Watch Line comprises three beautiful new models, which demonstrate a clean elegance and a remarkable classic sophistication. The models feature stylish cases, measuring 40.5 mm in diameter, and 10.4 mm in thickness. Continue reading

  May 26

Edox WRC Chronorally Watch Line

       A bold chronograph model, the outstanding new Edox WRC Chronorally Watch was conceived to be a perfect timekeeping companion for a race pilot, as well as for a venturous contemporary man who shares his passion for high-end horological items, with a another profound passion for speed cars and motor sports competitions. Continue reading

  May 15

Edox WRC Rally Timer Day Date

       As the new WRC official timekeeper, Edox released another superb watch line, defined by unmatched precision, functionality and an unmistakable style, characteristic to the brand’s Dynamism Collection, which emanates virile masculinity- the new Edox WRC Rally Timer Day Date Watch Collection. Continue reading

  May 12

Edox WRC Rally Timer Big Date

       Especially created for a self-assertive modern man, the eye-catching Edox WRC Rally Timer Big Date Watch accommodates a high precision, Quartz movement, the Edox 64 Caliber, based on the reliable Ronda 6004.B Caliber. Continue reading

  May 9

Edox WRC Xtreme Pilot

       Recently, in order to celebrate a privileged partnership, as the official timekeeper of the prestigious World Rally Championship (WRC), Edox created a new bold chronograph model, the new Edox WRC Xtreme Pilot Limited Edition Watch. Continue reading

  Feb 2

Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition

        Created in partnership with the luxury automotives manufacturer, Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition Watch will be the dream of any watch-connoisseur who shares his passion for exceptional horological items with the passion for the Koenigsegg sports cars. Continue reading

  Jan 30

Edox Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph

        A sleek-looking timepiece appropriate for any occasion, the remarkable Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph features a hand-finished classy black dial, fitted with red gold hour hands and hour indices, which surprisingly for a diver’s model, have not been coated with luminescent substances… Continue reading

  Oct 12

Edox Classe-Royale Jackpot

        For its enthusiast customers, Edox Classe-Royale family released another limited edition, – the Classe-Royale “Jackpot” a charismatic and captivating new timepiece which still retains a mysterious charm and was designed to fascinate and seduce Edox sophisticated clientele. Continue reading

  Oct 4

Edox Class-1 Ice Shark

        Class 1 Ice Shark watch is a sophisticated wristwatch which can be defined as a sublime junction of the Swiss well known precision and reliability and a highly personal Edox powerful dynamic design which retains the liberating maritime character. Continue reading





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