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Nov 17

Extra-Fort Chronograph 31046 31046/31146.2

       Recently one of the most appreciated watch-lines of the brand, the stylish, Extra-Fort Collection, was enriched with a stylish new model, the beautiful Eberhard & Co Extra-Fort Chronograph 31046 31046/31146.2 Mens Watch a modern masculine timepiece, bound to bring a plus of class and distinction to a dressy outfit. Continue reading

  Nov 9

Eberhard Co Extra Fort Chronograph

       A superb addition to the brand’s emblematic Extra Fort Watch Collection especially created to bring a plus of style and distinction to any outfit, the new Eberhard & Co Extra Fort Chronograph Watch Line, comprises many remarkable models characterized by sporty dynamism and impeccable functionality. Continue reading

  Nov 6

Eberhard Co Traversetolo Chronograph

       Not long ago, the brand introduced another sophisticated watch-line, especially created to bring a plus of style to any outfit, the sophisticated new Eberhard & Co Traversetolo Chronograph Watch Collection, a line, which comprises many surprising new models, which emanate a fresh sporty dynamism. Continue reading

  Oct 28

Eberhard Co Tazio Nuvolari

       A watch line, which celebrates the life and career of Tazio Nuvolari, a man who turned himself into a car racing legend, the new Eberhard & Co Tazio Nuvolari Watch Collection draws its inspiration from the adrenalin-inflicting world of race circuits, and comprises many attractive models, which emanate style and fresh sporty dynamism. Continue reading

  Oct 6

Eberhard & Co Chrono 4 31041-W

       Not long ago, the brand impressed the enthusiast watch-collectors worldwide with a remarkable new member of the Eberhard & Co Chrono 4 Watch Collection, the eye-catching Eberhard & Co Chrono 4, 31041-W Watch, a superb masculine timepiece, bound to become a reliable timekeeping companion for the modern gentleman. Continue reading

  Sep 30

Eberhard & Co Gilda 60067.02

       A timepiece, which emanates sheer feminine refinement the superb Eberhard & Co Gilda 60067.02 Lady Watch makes a fine addition to the brand’s iconic Eberhard & Co Gilda Lady Watch Collection and will surely impress the brand’s enthusiast customers. Continue reading





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