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Nov 10

Ebel 1911 Tekton for Real Madrid

        Created in Chaux-de-Fonds Switzerland in 1911, by a visionary young couple, both partners in business as well as in life, Ebel is a prestigious watch-making brand, which earned a well established place right on the cutting edge of watch-making innovation and creativity, successfully merging masculine and feminine principles, qualities and traditional values.

        Throughout the years, Ebel experienced a fruitful intertwining with the dynamic world of sports competition and a very special connection with football and the most respected football clubs in Europe. In order to pay a great tribute to this collaboration, Ebel designed another high-end sporty timepiece which bears the colors of a Spanish famous club- Real Madrid, the 1911 Tekton Real Madrid watch, a real achievement of watch-making craftsmanship, manufactured in a limited edition of 500 timepieces available only for the genuine Real Madrid enthusiast fans.


        The design of this watch follows the architectural three-dimensional line of a football stadium and an inquiring eye would notice the rivets which transverse the crystal and retain the architectonic imprint of Santiago Bernabeu’s immense entrance towers positioned at its every corner.

        The Ebel 1911 Tekton Real Madrid watch features a special Madridistas 45-minutes chronograph function, gold seconds and a navy blue dial flange, an exquisite color combination meant to be immediately recognized by the true fans of the Spanish club.

        This sporty timepiece is animated by Ebel Caliber 245 automatic chronograph a high-precision, COSC-chronometer certified movement, especially elaborated for all Ebel models dedicated to football, this movement enables the watch to keep an accurate track of match half-times (2×45, as its name implies it) and also to indicate injury time. The watch’s movement features, as an individualizing trait, the football-inspired oscillating weight fitted with the club’s logo and the unique series number.

        The watch features a robust case, measuring 48.5 mm in diameter, which emanates power and masculinity, being able to withstand up to 200 meters underwater. The strong sporty case, manufactured from polished titanium, features the emblematic Ebel shape, the hexagon with rounded edges and incorporates a unique mono-block sapphire crystal, which received both-sides anti-glare treatment, it also demonstrates one-of-a-kind bezel architecture. The watch features a hexagonal crown fitted with black rubber protective head, and, through a flat sapphire crystal-back an astound eye can admire the intricate mechanism which gives life to this timepiece. Expected in October 2009, this sophisticated model will surely become a coveted collectable item for any true Real Madrid fan.

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