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Nov 5

DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne

       One of the youngest members of today luxury watch-making industry, DeWitt started its existence less than a decade ago, when it first stunned the entire world of the Swiss Haute Horology, at BaselWorld 2003, with an impressive new horological concept, which rose to the highest standards of watch-making expertise and mastery.

       Over the years, the name of the brand became well known among the enthusiast watch-collectors worldwide, for its limited editions, characterized by remarkable mechanical complexity, distinguished style, and meticulous finish, delicately performed by a single watchmaker. We also have to mention, that a timepiece, which bears the name DeWitt also has another authenticity signature, belonging to the watchmaker, who handled all the stages of production for that particular timepiece, and that every skilled watchmaker creates a small number of watches, bound to become coveted collectable items.

       Not long ago, the brand introduced another sophisticated horological creation, which testifies about DeWitt’s watchmaking expertise, the exquisite DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne Watch a true masterpiece of mechanical mastery, which carries the watchmaker’s mastery into a the realm of contemporary art.

       The model, available in 18-karat rose gold features a powerfully designed masculine case, measuring 43 mm in diameter and 12.95 mm in thickness, which demonstrates a stylish satin-polish finish, and reveals the brand’s signature imperial columns pattern, for the watch’s sides and bezel. The model incorporates a fluted crown, personalized with the brand’s W signature, and a screwed-down exhibition case-back, and confers 30-meter water resistance.

       The model features a chocolate brown dial, decorated with elegant striped pattern and nicely completed with sward-shaped openwork hands. The dial features three wide openings for the tourbillon cage, located at 4:30, for the Constant Force System, located at 7:30, and amazing miniature chain, entirely crafted by hands from 192 parts.

       At the heart of the outstanding DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne Watch beats a sophisticated hand-wound mechanical movement, which ensures a Flying tourbillon, and Constant Force System, along a miniature chain, which serves for moving a worm screw, which indicates the power reserve. The movement incorporates 27 jewels, oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 alternations per hour, and provides the advantage of 72-hours power reserve.

       An impressive collectable item, the new DeWitt Tourbillon Force Constante a Chaîne Watch embraces the wrist with a stylish chocolate brown alligator leather strap; although we cannot yet publish an exact price, we have to mention that the gold model belongs to a limited edition of 99 pieces, and its price will easily exceed $150,000.00.

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